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Photography challenge No27 : Water

For this months photography challenge the theme is water, I would like you to capture an image that incorporates water or includes water as the main theme and subject. If you are sharing your images to the challenge Facebook group or social media then please use this months hashtag : #photogenius27

If you are not yet a member of the challenge Facebook group please click the link below to join, it's FREE to join, we have an amazing community of photographers with members from all over the world sharing their challenge photos. Photo Genius Facebook Group Here's some example images from me to hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas, I would like to encourage you to be as creative as you wish and look forward to seeing your images. TIPS > > Scroll to the bottom of the page for some tips and suggestions. For a list of previous challenges click here.

Macro photography flower and water drops captured by Photo Genius
Macro flower and water drops. Image taken with a Nikon D3500 and 18-55mm kit lens with a macro extension tube. Camera settings f5 1/6 ISO100

iPhone shot of water droplets cascading down a window shot by Photo Genius
Make the most of rainy days, this image was taken with an iPhone.

Puddle reflection photo shot by Photo Genius using an iPhone
For this image I grabbed an autumn leaf and placed it in a puddle then captured a shot of my reflection which is silhouetted against the clouds in the sky.

Try to freeze movement! Taken with a Nikon D3500 f5 1/400 ISO1600

Some useful TIPS for tackling this months challenge.

Reflections. For really dramatic reflections try getting really close to the ground and shoot across the surface of the water, the closest you are the more complete and symmetrical the reflection will be (see example image which was shot with an iPhone which is almost touching the water surface).

Image captured during the Photo Genius iPhone photography course in Brisbane.
The closer to water you can get your camera the more symmetrical the reflection will be.

Capturing droplets and freezing motion If you wish to freeze the water and avoid blur you will need to use a faster shutter speed. If you are not confident shooting manual try setting your camera to shutter priority so you can choose the shutter speed. Try 1/500 to begin with and work your way up (dial to the right to change increase shutter speed), if the aperture value (f number) is flashing try increasing the ISO. This image of a Gold Coast surfer was taken with a Nikon Zfc using a fast shutters speed of 1/3200 of a second, aperture f5 and ISO800.

Gold Coast surfer image by Photo Genius Brisbane
A fast shutter speed can freeze a moment in time.

Blurring water Adding some blur is a great way to emphasise movement and motion as well as create some interesting and often abstract effects. This example image was shot with a Nikon Zfc using a slow shutter speed of 1/8 of a second, I panned the camera sideways whilst taking the shot to purposely add blur and create an abstract image.

Slow shutter image of Gold Coast surf
Shot with a Nikon Zfc f6 1/8 ISO100

Movement and motion was the subject of photo challenge 12, if you need a reminder check out the video for a re-cap.

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