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Here you can read the archived customer testimonial from 2015 - 2018
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Testimonials 2015 - 2018

I recently attended the Simply SLR Course and Practical SLR course run by Photo Genius. I highly recommend the photography courses. Paul is brilliant. His knowledge and passion for photography is wonderful and very inspiring. Paul explains everything so incredibly well. I have owned an SLR camera for a couple of years but always used it in auto mode. The Beginners SLR Course was amazing to get me started on using the camera in manual mode and the practical component of the course was fantastic for putting the theory into practice.

Nick N (Simply SLR course & Practical SLR course)  (December 2018)


I had a fantastic lesson with Paul. He was professional and explained everything thoroughly at a steady pace. I feel much more confident with my camera on manual mode (first timer). I had zero experience prior and now I understand enough to create my own shots and feel in control of how they might turn out, especially understanding why as well, including mistakes. I still have a lot to learn but feel I am on a great start. Paul was a great at explaining everything. Highly recommend the one-on-one tuition.

Nadia W (One-to-One tuition)  (November 2018)


Really enjoyed the course thanks Paul. The content and your communication style were perfect and we moved through the day and all the content really well. Starting the day I had no real idea about how to use manual mode on my camera but by the end I could not imagine ever going back to auto mode. I came home with a few photographs that were much better than anything I have ever taken before. After a few months of practice I’ll be back for one of the other courses I’m sure.

Matt (Beginners Photography Workshop)  (November 2018)

I recently attended a One-to-One session at the State Library, I couldn’t be any more happier with the tuition I was given by Paul as he covered everything I needed to know to get me going with my brand new camera which, I new nothing about, everything I needed to know to start me off was explained to me and I was also supplied with notes to take home as well. I would highly recommend a One-to-One session if you want something tailored to suit your own needs.

Shirley L (One-to-One tuition) (reviewed on Facebook) (November 2018)


The small group size and hands on practicals of using DSLRs with an excellent tutor makes it so much easier and fun to learn. A great ratio of theory with plenty of time to practice putting the theory into practice with your own camera. This course is highly recommended, especially if you learn best by doing without being flooded by technical jargon.

Josephine M (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) (October 2018)

We have done lots of different courses for learning but this one with Paul was the best of the best. He is excellent beyond description. What else is there to say.

Gwenda T (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) (October 2018)


The Beginners Workshop was a great introductory course to understanding my camera and it’s capability. The course allows you to extend yourself beyond the auto function. The small group size of 6 allows for plenty of 1:1 tutorial and provides you with the knowledge and ability to explore the various options available on your own camera. I was very impressed with the quality of the photos I was able to achieve within just one day. Much Qudos to Paul who is very patient and informative. An excellent course overall and I am looking forward to booking onto the next level.

Les Richardson (Beginners Photography Workshop) (September 2018)


Fantastic afternoon with lots of useful tips. Three hour went past very quickly. Paul explain things so they were easy to understand and was very approachable with questions.

Jayden (iPhone Photography Course) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) (September 2018)

Amazing courses that provide you with knowledge and experience. The beginners course is a wealth of practical information that shows you how to use your camera like the pros. Followed by a fantastic afternoon of shooting, that challenges and reinforces your new found knowledge. I highly recommend their beginners course for any amateur photographer or someone looking to refresh the basics. Keep up the amazing work!

Sean Jalil (Beginners  Photography Workshop)  (August 2018)


My husband did this course previously and he said that there is no-one else that I should go to and he was right. The day with Paul was full of information delivered in a relaxed environment by someone who really knows his stuff. The class size was just right and as it was all ladies we had a great time. No question was too silly to ask and we all came away with photos we are proud of. Can’t wait to do the next course, many thanks again Paul. Regards Debbie

Debbie B (Beginners  Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) (August 2018)


I really enjoyed the beginners workshop!! Perfect starting point for my photography journey. I was very surprised that we got to take photos that look like some of the professional photos I’ve seen and wanted to be able to learn, just in one day!  It made me incredibly happy!

Jade Lep (Beginners  Photography Workshop) (August 2018)


I attended the Beginners Photography Workshop on 4/8/2018 and highly recommend Paul. I bought my first DSLR a few weeks ago and am a complete beginner. I tried to figure out how to use my camera in manual mode, as well as tried an online course, but found it rather confusing. I was so impressed with how Paul teaches – he has figured out how to explain photographic terms so its very easy to understand. Had I continued trying to figure it out by myself and do online courses I am not sure how long it would have taken to be proficient with using my camera in manual mode. With Paul’s one day beginners course I have learned so much and feel so much more confident using my camera. I am looking forward to doing more courses with Photo Genius.

Ainslie McCall (Beginners  Photography Workshop) (August 2018)


Paul has nailed the art of teaching. His classes are very informative but he explains things in a way which you’ll never forget the info next time you got to capture a photo! Highly recommend.

Jessie G (Beginners  Photography Workshop) (July 2018)

My latest course with Photo Genius was the macro creative course on Saturday 9th at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha. As with the previous courses I have attended it was excellent. The tips and hints Paul gave us were invaluable and you cannot beat the Botanic Gardens for things to shoot close-up.

Jennif58 (Macro Photography Course) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) (June 2018)


I had a one on one session today with Paul. I learnt more in 3 hours with Paul than watching youtube and trying to teach myself for the last 2 months.

The way he explains things and simplifies it is exactly what I needed. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for advice

Ian Light (One-to-One tuition) (June 2018)


I took part in Paul’s Basics course (6 hours) and I learnt so much about my Canon 80D it was incredible. Tonight I did my first shoot in completely manual mode but I understood why and how I was not getting the best shots. Before I simply hoped that I was in focus. Now I know how to use aperture, shutter and ISO to obtain nice shots and a couple of cool techniques for getting some unreal effects. Thank you Paul! I’ll be back for the next instalment!

Matt Donohoe (Beginners Photography Workshop) (May 2018)


I travelled 6 hours to attend this course and it was definitely worth the travel.

I was trying to teach myself, but with so much literature and online tutorials, it was confusing.

Paul explained the basics in an easy to understand way, the 3 hours theory ( in a quiet room ) was invaluable. The course is capped at 6 participants, which allowed you to ask questions, and obtain more individual attention, he explained things in relation to each participants individual camera.

He showed how the beginner photographer was able to shoot in manual mode have control over shutter speed aperture and ISO to create amazing photos throughout the afternoon practical session. Well worth the time if your looking to move from automatic mode on your camera or learn anything photography!

Kim S (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) (May 2018)


Loved the night photography course I did with Paul. He is very knowledgeable and provided great tips! Looking forward to doing another course with him in the future

Kate Thurtell (Night Photography Course) (May 2018)


Would highly recommend Paul from Photo Genius. Paul is an excellent teacher and explains everything in easy to understand term. He is very patient and spends time with each person one on one and gives great advice and assistance. The class was fun and and you learn so much. Looking forward to doing another one.

Cherie Chase (Beginners Photography Workshop) (May 2018)

I participated in the beginners workshop yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I studied photography at school many moons ago and was looking to refresh my memory to set me on the right path again and to build an understanding of the new second hand camera I had just purchased. Paul was very approachable and explained everything we needed to know clearly and in a way that made it very easy for us to understand. He slowly feeds us new information throughout the whole course which allows our minds to slowly absorb the information with ease limiting any chance of feeling overwhelmed. Paul loves what he does and this was so clear to see, for me this is something that always makes a huge difference, specially when in a learning environment. The lunch at the pub was great and we had some good laughs along the way. Highly recommend this course for anyone who is completely new to photography or like me is just looking to refresh their memory. Thanks again Paul, I’m filled with joy and can’t wait to keep taking photos and learning more!

Sophie Baas (Beginners PhotographyWorkshop) (May 2018)

Fantastic course, learnt so much in such a short time. This was my second course with Paul – did iPhone course and then the beginners photography course. Would thoroughly recommend his courses.

Linda Jones (iPhone photography course) (May 2018)

I highly recommend Paul from Photo Genius. Paul takes the time to explain concepts in detail and uses visual aids and examples to enhance learning experiences. Classes are limited in numbers which gives Paul the ability to spend time with each individual to provide guidance and feedback throughout the workshop.

I walked around feeling more confident about using manual settings and I look forward to attending future workshops.

Anna Rogers (Beginners Photography Workshop) (April 2018)


It is not surprising at all that all course attendees have rated this one day course 5 out of 5. It turned out to be perfect for my needs. Even though my camera is not a full SLR but a mirror-less type, the course was still ideal for me. What did I enjoy about the course? The small group is perfect so Paul has time to answer questions, even those about individual cameras (as much as time allows). He is very patient and his explanations are clear, easy to understand and well thought out. The location is ideal too, as we learned about the technical side before walking around Southbank which has a variety of things to photograph. You will also find the timing of the course is ideal as you take photos in full daylight and then at night. Breaking for lunch works well also as it gave us more time to chat about what we had learned and also previous experiences. As others have said, this course simplifies information – information which I previously thought was too technical and had put in the too hard basket. Do yourself a favour and join Paul on one of his courses. I am sure you won’t regret it.

DonegalEm (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) (April 2018)


Paul is a very talented instructor. He steps his students through photography in a thorough and steady fashion. The course sizes are small and allow plenty of help. Absolutely worth the money.

Sam Camp (Beginners Photography Workshop) (April 2018)


I recently did the one day beginner course and loved it. Should have done it years ago. Paul opened up a whole new world of understanding and joy when I take the camera out. Highly recommended!

David Dickson (Beginners Photography Workshop) (April 2018)


I undertook the beginners course as I wanted to learn how to use my camera properly. The course with Paul was great. The group was small so we got individual help and the knowledge I received can now be put into practice. I would totally recommend the course with Paul and will definitely be doing the advanced course.

Lisa S (Beginners Photography Workshop) (March 2018)


Paul was so great to learn from! Very knowledgeable and an approachable experienced teacher. Things that have taken awhile for me to understand have finally clicked. I left the One to One session feeling confident and inspired to keep using my camera and taking photos. I highly recommend taking a lesson with Photo Genius!

Sarah Hope (One-to-One tuition) (March 2018)


Thank you Paul for a wonderful 3 hours of learning the basics of my camera and photography. I learnt so much about key aspects of photography and more importantly, how to set up and use camera to get the best out of the gear.

By the end of the course I felt confident enough to be able to shoot with a great range of different manual settings thanks to Paul and his very informative teaching techniques. Highly recommended!

Plut Neva (Simply SLR course) (March 2018)


I finally understand my camera and how to use it to take better than average photos.

Paul led us through from the setting on each persona camera, so you know how to you it properly to understand the basic of using the camera to take better shots.

I have a bridge camera and that was ok. As long as it has manual options. (Check with Paul before you book) We were rained out the first day, but there was no problems booking in again to complete the course.

It has even helped me take better photos on my mobile phone.

Great experience and would recommend

Andy D (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) March 2018


I attended the beginners course. It was a very informative course. Paul was very patient and spoke in a way that non professionals could understand. Recommend highly.

Bradley Cottam (Beginners Photography Workshop) February 2018

I just completed a HDR photography course with Paul from Photo Genius. This is the third course I’ve completed with Photo Genius and as previous it was informative with Paul providing course notes that were easy to follow. There was ample time during the course to take photos and after to show how to process the images in Lightroom. With what I learned on the day I now have the ablity to further my photographic versatility. I would recommend this course to a friend

David Smith (HDR Creative Course) February 2018

Recently attended a creative course with Photogenius, on HDR. This was a well constructed course, with a very good tutorial at beginning and plenty of time for photo taking. Paul was as always patient and explained in a very simple manner the concept and technique of HDR. Well worth doing this short creative course to further expand your photographic skills.

Steven Kong (HDR Creative Course) February 2018

Highly recommend my recent attendance at the Beginners Photography Workshop run by Paul. With the small group of six students, he patiently ensured that each of us had the understanding and basic knowledge required so as not to feel anxious or intimidated by the prospect of using the manual setting on our camera. He was knowledgeable on the functions of the various models presented on the day. The practical experience gave me what I needed to be able to practise further with confidence. Outstanding day!

Debbie Newton (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Facebook) January 2018

Fabulous course: great content and outstanding teacher. Highly recommend. Loved it.

Liz McKewin (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Facebook) January 2018

This workshop was excellent value for money. Paul explains things very well and is an excellent teacher. I learnt how to transition from auto to manual and I now understand the relationship between ISO, aperture & shutter speed. Looking forward to doing the follow-on course with Paul.

Grace (Simply SLR course) December 2017

Absolutely brilliant. Paul is fantastic in how he delivers the course. I got so much out of it and I highly recommend it.

Lari Stojcevska (Night photography course) December 2017

I really enjoyed this course because I am now able to use my Canon SLR on Manual mode with confidence. Paul explained each feature clearly and left me with no doubts on the functionality of my camera. I would highly recommend this course anyone who would like to gain more knowledge of their camera features.

Tracey Gibb (Simply SLR course) November 2017 


If anyone is looking for a great course in Brisbane to learn some beginner photography skills (so as not to be terrified to use camera lenses manually) I highly recommend the beginner SLR course with Paul. He took all of the intimidation out of manual lens use, spoke to us with patience and used examples and diagrams that made everything so much easier. Group size was limited to 6 which provided for plenty of 1 on 1 assistance if needed.

Thanks for a great day Paul! I will definitely be back for a more involved course in the future. I’m by no means amazing, but I’m pretty happy with the results from my first day of manual camera use!

Brooke Dillon (Beginners photography workshop) November 7, 2017


Excellent course! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn about photography terminology and camera settings. I was blown away by the number of things Paul taught me in only 4 hours = Instant results. Excellent.

Troy (Simply SLR course) October 2017


I tried lots of things to learn how to use my fancy new camera – read the manual, attend a seminar, use buttons at random, live with using automatic only. All these methods taught me was to be more confused and how little I really knew!!

Enter Paul and the Beginners course – and I can now say I understand so much more but more importantly have the tools to go over things I still may need more help with. I delighted and so very thrilled to be able to take better photos and to understand how to alter settings according to what I would like to achieve. Paul is outstanding in the way he explains things and takes the time to check that you understand and can find it on your camera. He stayed with us when everyone in the course decided to stay late to take one last photo. My camera was one of the more unusual ones present so this was particularly important to me.
Now its up to me – I have been practising the techniques since and understand more and more as time goes on.

Phillipa (Beginners photography workshop) October 2017

I cannot recommend this course too highly. Starting with some well explained theory, our small class, all with different cameras, was guided towards the point that we could all undertake some pretty impressive shots using our cameras on fully ‘Manual’. Much more than I expected to achieve and a thoroughly enjoyable day as well. I will certainly be undertaking more classes with Photo Genius!

Martin Holden (Beginners photography workshop) October 2017

Beginners Photography,A great course, learnt more then I expected. Paul’s knowledge is fantastic and the small class allowed time for each person to ask questions. Fantastic highly recommend

Aaron G (Beginners photography workshop) September 2017

I recommend the Photo Genius Beginners’ Photography Workshop to anyone wishing to venture further than the auto setting and learn to take great photos that really capture the moment. I learned so much during the day’s course about many of the camera’s functions, I had avoided using previously, with amazing results. Paul explained everything so clearly and, with a small group, was able to give each of us individual attention during the practical session. I look forward to continuing my journey in photography with the Beyond the Basics course.

Jackie Elston (Beginners photography workshop) September 2017

We did the beginner’s course and it was suitable for anyone with any style of camera. Paul was fantastic and showed true passion and professionalism. 
Nothing was too difficult and it is an easy relaxed atmosphere for learning with only 6 people on each of the courses. 

I would highly recommend this course to anybody as well as Photo Genius as a great company. 

We were inspired to do more of their courses very soon. Thanks again Paul.

Ken B (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) September 2017

Great class.

I did the iPhone photography class on Saturday and it was great. Not only did Paul talk us through the theory of taking a good photo, but taught is about how to get the most out our iPhones as cameras and how various apps can be used to optimise and touch up the photos we take. I have done some photography courses previously but this was great. I won’t be replacing my point and shoot camera now I know how to use my phone camera properly

Ed (iPhone Photography course) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) September 2017

Highly recommend the beginners course!

I did the beginners course with Paul quite some time ago but never got round to writing a review, however its been on my to do list as it really was well worth the money. Paul was friendly, informative and patient. It was also nice to chat with some new people over lunch. I already had a little knowledge about how to use a camera beforehand, but this course really cemented everything in my mind, taught me some new things, and gave me confidence to use my camera more. Since the course I’ve used my camera a lot more, and I’m considering attending the advanced course in future.

I would definitely recommend to others.

Emma S (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Trip advisor) August 2017

A fantastic opportunity!

I attended the Beginners Photography Workshop and would recommend it to a novice photographer who would like to learn both theoretical and practical photography skills. 

The small class size, individual feedback and detailed handouts were conducive to learning. 

After struggling to glean the theory through my camera manual and shooting techniques though trial and error, I found it invaluable to have Paul answer my questions and provide feedback on the photos I had taken that afternoon. Paul even provided some creative guidance. Also, the opportunity to shoot in changing light was beneficial in developing my confidence.

Paul was knowledgeable, friendly and adapted his instructions to members of the class with different cameras and lenses. 

I will definitely be giving the ‘Beyond the basics’ workshop a shot!

Yolanda G (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) August 2017

Very comprehensive instruction to DSLR photography. Paul has a very easy but detailed delivery and is able to explain the techniques such that you remember what was covered on the day. The practice after the theory component is well constructed to explore photographic techniques. I am looking forward to the next course already. Highly recommended to a beginner and as a fantastic refresher for the occasional DSLR photographer.

Ralph Crippler (Beginners photography workshop) August 2017

Highly recommended. Paul is great, explains things very simply and gives just enough detail to get you up and running – fast. I now understand how to get the best out of my camera. My images for my work have already improved. Very happy.

Steve (Simply SLR course) August 2017

I did this course over the weekend and it may be the smartest money I’ve ever spent. I’ve done a photography workshop in the past, worked with photographers, and spent over thirty years of fiddling with cameras myself… But I learned more during one day with Paul than all those things combined! Paul has opened up a whole world of possibilities for me and I can’t wait to do his next course. Would highly recommend this workshop to anyone keen to get some real working knowledge of their camera in a relaxed, enjoyable environment.

Anita Broome (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) July 2017

Terrific course. Paul is a great teacher, and the camera feels much less daunting now. My partner and I both went to the course and are already taking much better photos. Highly recommended.

Kelly (Simply SLR course) July 2017


I did a one on one tuition session with Paul and it was worth every dollar. He was so patient with my never ending questions and he taught me so many new things that I didn’t know my camera did. This is the second course I have done with Paul and I will certainly be doing more. If you want a great treacher to show you how to take better photos then Paul is the person to have.

Judy McDonald (One-to-One tuition) July 2017

I did the Simply SLR course and I highly recommend it! It was incredible value for money and Paul was very helpful. Everyone in the group had a different type of camera, however he took the time to help all of us and make sure we were comfortable with all the key functions on our cameras. I will definitely sign up for more courses with him.

Maj Coop (Simply SLR course) June 2017

Never use AUTO setting again… Four hours with Paul and I’m confident of being able to use my camera in Manual mode from now on! This course covers all the necessary information needed to get you started. And the best aspect is that Paul teaches you on your camera! Paul’s delivery is clear, concise and easy to follow. He has the ability to reduce technical terms and processes into easy understood steps. Best of all you leave this course wanting to implement what you’ve learned. Can’t recommend this course enough!

Jan Cameron (Beginners photography workshop) June 2017

What a really great intro to how to use my new SLR camera. Paul was excellent at explaining how to get off Automatic and really use the camera manually. I took some really great photos that I previously tried for years to achieve.

Paul’s workshop for beginners is really worthwhile. I highly recommend him.

Louise M (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) May 2017

Great teaching, I had a really fun time as well as learning so much! I love taking photos and now feel confident in my ability. I’m doing the more advanced course in a few week and am really excited.

Shae V (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) May 2017

I recently did the Beginners Photography Workshop with Paul and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have always taken photos in automatic mode, however I now know what my camera is capable of and I am very keen to put my new found knowledge into practice. Thank you Paul you are so patient. It was a great course, excellent value for money and very informative. I can’t wait to do your next workshop. I will certainly recommend your course to all my friends.

Donna Erzetic (Beginners photography workshop) April 2017


After my wife came back raving about a Photo Genius class she did at Southbank I was keen to book a one-on-one session to help improve the product photographs we take for our wholesale fashion accessories business. From start to finish Paul was extremely professional, listened to our needs, communicated clearly at our level and left us feeling empowered to take much better photos of our products. We have spent many tens of thousands of dollars on photograph since 2002, but this was easily the best money we’ve spent! I just wish we’d discovered Photo Genius years ago. Not only that we received lots of additional suggestions to help us save money and time.

Tim at Enhance Accessories (One-to-One tuition) April 2017

This course surpassed all expectations. I recently did the beginners course with Paul. I can’t believe that by the end of one day I was confident using the camera in Manual mode. The workshop is cleverly thought out – the theory part is excellent as it focuses on a small number of basic need to know things – very easy to pick up. Then the actual photography part at South Bank gets you to practise all the things you learned. The course caters to all ages – we had teenagers and over 60s doing it. It really is great value for money and time well spent as I can now use the full capability of the camera, including long exposures, motion and great close ups.

Mishka Foster (Beginners photography workshop) April 2017


I recently attended a beginners workshop with Paul and I loved every second. I instantly felt relaxed and in no time at all I was learning new things. I still can’t believe what I learnt in such a small amount of time. The theory part of the course was very well set out and we’ll explained with plenty of time for questions. The practical part was also fantastic, giving us a chance to try out some of what we had been learning about with Paul’s expert guidance with us all the way. I have used my camera every day since the course and I have taken some photos I am really proud of. Thank you for a fantastic course, I can’t wait for the next one!

Cassie Watson (Beginners photography workshop) April 2017

I found Photo Genius simply SLR Course a very useful one for beginners. Paul is a skilled and experienced instructor in photography. I enjoyed it a lot.

Amir N (Simply SLR course) April 2017


Am now using my new DSLR in manual mode thanks to Paul. His beginners class was exactly what I needed. The class size is limited to 6 and is a great mix of theory and practice. This is so much better than trying to wade through the manual. Paul’s knowledge is extensive and he has a great communication style, using diagrams, plain language and show and tell. I highly recommend this course, it is excellent value for money.

LandOBrisbane (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) April 2017

Had a workshop with Paul last year, since then expanded my camera equipment, so thought I would benefit from a one on one lesson. I certainly did, had a quick review of what I knew then proceeded to help with all my new lenses and accessories. So helpful and easy to understand. I now feel much more confident in using my camera in all sorts of situations and with different compositions.

Thanks so much Paul hope to catch up on another course later

Jan Curle (One-to-One tuition) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) April 2017

Paul from Photo Genius was very personable and easy to chat with, he gave us great information and tips to help us use our camera better. He took us from the basic set up to explaining all the settings and functions of our camera to how they translate into different styles of photography. Highly recommend to anyone looking to take better photos!

DbyD Dimensions (Simply SLR course) March 2017

What a great course! Small group, great location, and Paul is a fantastic communicator, his explanation of the relationship between iso, aperture, and shutter speed to gain a correct exposure was the best that I have ever come across. A very well put together basic course which contains great hints to improve your photographic skills. My son and I will definitely be signing up again with Paul for the advanced course.

Highly recommended!

Gregory (Beginners photography workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) March 2017

I would highly recommend the one-to-one tuition session with Paul. The session really helped us get to grips with the – previously much feared – manual mode on our new DSLR. The session really helped my partner and I to understand all of the key factors to consider when shooting in manual mode. Paul used everyday language and helpful diagrams to simplify what has always seemed to me to be a complex and ‘sciencey’ subject matter.

Paul took the time to find out what we wanted to get out of our session ahead of the session date and I felt that we more than achieved our objectives on the day. The proof is really in the pudding though – we haven’t used the auto mode in the week or so since our course and have had a lot of success with our photographs. Paul has really turned the manual mode into something exciting for us to keep practising, rather than something to be scared of.

Nicola G (One-to-One tuition) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) March 2017

I did the first Lightroom course offered and couldn’t be happier. The tips and hints Paul gave us are invaluable and I am now using Lightroom to edit my images.

Jenif58 (Introduction to Lightroom course) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) February 2017

I attended a one to one session with Paul and learnt so much during that time, which not only included the use of my camera, but my external flash (Speedlite), my interval timer & wireless remote control. I also had the opportunity to work my camera with Paul’s guidance, producing amazing pictures. I had a great day, I learnt so much and found the session informative and totally worth it.

Thank you so much.

Jill Smith (One-to-One tuition) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) February 2017

I’ve been kicking around photography for decades but never really updated myself with new digital cameras. Paul was very helpful in giving me much more control over my camera, and some good ideas to overcome it’s limitations. The small group was good, and was made up of friendly people. Despite the hot day, it all went very well.

Peter (Beginners photography workshop) February 2017

My partner attended Paul’s course – my Christmas gift to him. He really enjoyed the course and learnt so much. He’s taking great shots and has a renewed enthusiasm for photography. Great course – makes a lovely gift – I highly recommend it.

Suzi (iPhone photography course) February 2017

I was given a fancy SLR for a birthday present 2 years ago and tried “You Tube” & magazines to figure out how to operate the complex machine. Never could work the basic manual mode with regards to the relationship of iso, shutter speed, aperture and all of the other buttons and was just becoming lost within the minefield of knowledge being offered.

Paul had basically in a 3hr period of classroom education, made clear the relationship of the iso, shutter speed and aperture. With a great basic paper handout for quick reference. The afternoon was a great hands on approach with a Paul letting us finding our own way (With the classroom knowledge firmly implanted) with him giving pointers for a better results on an individual basis. The final results of some of the photos were surprisingly good and makes me think I could actually do this as a hobby and actually enjoyed what I could achieve with this camera, which basically had sat in the cupboard for 2 years.

Once I’m confident with the basics, I’m back for the more advanced level..  Many thanks to Paul.

Robert Laukens (Beginners photography workshop) February 2017

Paul is a great teacher and explains things very clearly. I highly recommend you take a photography course with him if you want to learn how to use your camera and its settings without using the auto feature.

Clare Barker (Simply SLR course) December 2016

This course was excellent and would highly recommend it to anyone new to photography and wanting to take it to the next step. Paul was a great instructor; knowledgeable yet easy to follow and understand.

Sam (Beginners photography workshop) December 2016

The course is a great way to understand the fundamentals of night time photography for any level. Paul was a great instructor, very knowledgeable, patient and only too happy to pass on his expertise. We started with a briefing on the fundamentals of the camera and then we moved on to putting the theory into practise. The course enabled me to take amazing pictures of the story bridge and the city, and it also helped me gain confidence in using the manual settings on the camera. The group was small, so Paul was able to provide assistance to us all. We all had a great night.

I’ve done a few courses with photo genius and I highly recommend their courses for any skill level.

Baxter E15 (Night photography course) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) November 2016

Paul was really patient and explained things in easy to understand ways. My photos are lovely under his expertise and I’m confident I could take more beautiful night photos in lots of other venues. Highly recommended.

Lon H (Night photography course) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) October 2016


This photography class is a great beginners start to the wonderful world of art thru the lens of your camera. I have always thought of my self as a hobby photographer but Paul showed me how to go from an average shot to a stunning shot, how to balance light and to take photos at night. If you are not sure how to use your camera this course will start you on the road to different lenses, angles and light. Money well worth spent and I would definitely come back for the advanced course and editing course.

Ange T (Beginners photography workshop) September 2016


This was the second night course I have done with Photo Genius and as with the previous course it was excellent. We took shots from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and then walked to the Story Bridge. The notes from the course are going to be a great help for me in the future. I am very pleased to have successfully composed a panorama shot and two successful attempts at HDR after this course thanks to our instructor Paul.

Jennif58 (Night photography course) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) August 2016)

Found this beginners course very informative, yet easy going. Paul was great. Loved the small group sizes, everyone was in the same position and felt comfortable asking the silly questions. The full day allowed for both theory and practical learning. Would suggest this for anyone wanting to use more than the auto function on your camera.

Domenica (Beginners photography workshop) September 2016


3 hours well spent. Learnt so much in the class and Paul is a great instructor, patient, organised and knowledgeable. Would not hesitate in recommending this to anyone who wants to learn more about their SLR.

Carl Kennedy (Simply SLR course) September 2016


Paul’s courses are informative and pitched at just the right level. I learnt so much more than I imagined I would in his 3 hour individual lesson, and the photos I have taken since are vastly improved compared to my pre-course efforts, thanks Paul!

Marcia McMeniman 5 star Google review (Beginners Photography Workshop) August 2016

I completed this course on Saturday 23rd July 2016. I have had my camera for about 2 years and decided it was time to learn how to get the most of out my camera. After perusing many other course which were available, I chose this course as I believe it was the best value for money. During the theory session of the course, we learnt about the different uses for aperture, shutter speed, iso and many more. During the practical session, I was able to put to use what I had learnt. We practiced many techniques from exposure (under, normal and over), close ups, water photography and night photography. I highly recommend this course as there is only a small amount of people per class. Paul is amazing teacher and makes sure that you are on the right track throughout the course. He provided valuable experience and knowledge about camera techniques. I look forward to completing the follow-on course from this course. Thanks for a great day Paul!!

Rebekah Christensen (Beginners Photography Workshop) July 2016

It is with gratitude that I would like to convey how completely enjoyable it was to share the Sunday Beginner’s Photography Workshop with such warm, friendly participants connected by our common camera curiosity. What truly crafted such a successful day, of course, was your inclusive and generous leadership that imprinted in us not just your highly-experienced knowledge but your never-dwindling energy (even in times when mine was on the down!!) and evident passion for this remarkable art of photography. I am left with a positive sense and inspiration to continue to explore and capture all things the magical elements that surround us – from the seemingly ‘mundane’ (which the lens will reveal is not so!) to the intricate. It can be such an expression of interconnectedness with life. It is not often that I can feel so buoyed in adopting a skill that is technical – so I thank you, Paul, that I find myself feeling so.

I look forward to further association with Photo Genius in future Brisbane visits.

Susanna A (Canberra) (Beginners Photography Workshop) July 2016

My beginner course with Paul was a gift from my ever thoughtful wife, who noticed my increasing frustration with the Automatic and preset “scene” functions on my DLSR. I was never quite getting the clearest or desired effect of a photo I was after. Taking literally thousands of photos on a holiday and only being happy with a small few. Even after the first half of the day in the theory session, I already learnt of new things my camera was able to do which wasn’t in the manual, and I was eager to get into practice. In the 2nd half of the day we had plenty of time to put to practice our new ideas and ask more questions. Paul was fun and informative and had ample time for all the students. It was a great day out and I never felt left behind or bored.  Thanks again Paul!

David (Beginners Photography Workshop) July 2016

Was a wonderful course. Very well structured and taught. Important essentials explained in easy to remember and simple to put into practice strategies. I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting out and wanting to learn more about photography and the camera they are using.

Alicia McPherson 5 star Google review (Beginners Photography Workshop) July 2016


Last weekend I attended the Beginners Workshop, and after an enjoyable and worthwhile 8 hours I feel so much more confident in using my DSLR. Paul is to be commended on how he personalised the instructions for each individual in the course ensuring that everyone was progressing along the way. At the completion of the day you could see on everyone’s face just how excited they were to know have the ability to work with their DSLR to capture amazing photos without falling back to being dependent on auto mode. I will be signing up for the ‘Beyond the Basics’ course very soon. Thanks Paul

Cameron (Beginners Photography Workshop) June 2016


We did the Simply SLR course two weeks previous and then followed up with this Practical SLR course. I couldn’t have asked for a better course. We took some brilliant professional photos and really enjoyed understanding what our cameras (and we) could do. We are now looking forward to the ‘Beyond the Basics’ course in a few weeks time.

Karyn & Aly (Simply SLR Course) June 2016

I participated in the beginners course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get to know their digital camera better. The theory section was highly valuable and sets you up perfectly for the practical part of the day. You get a chance to put all of the theory into practice and the small group allows you to get feedback on your own shots. I really enjoyed the day and I left feeling more knowledgable and confident to use my camera. I look forward to doing the Beyond the Basics course. Thank you Paul!

Jasmine (Beginner Photography Workshop) June 2016

I did the Basic SLR course, with my children aged 11 & 14. We learnt so much in 4 hours, and it was time well spent as Paul went through the camera functions, step by step. Paul is an excellent trainer; knowledgable, patient and skilled at explaining things simply. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve already booked in for the follow up course, Practical SLR. I highly recommended this course for all beginners of SLR photography, and we look forward to applying our knowledge in future courses also.

Amanda (Simply SLR course) June 2016

Great course. Small group, personalised attention. This guy can teach!!! Thanks Paul.

Kiong (Beginners Photography Workshop) June 2016

I photograph interiors for our blog and social media channels. As an interior designer, I was able to style and compose my shots reasonably well, but I lacked confidence in taking the photos particularly in poor light. My 3 hour one-to-one session with Paul was just what I needed to learn a few tricks of the trade and start creating the style of photos I wanted. Visual social media is such an important part of our business and now I am able to create high quality original images on a daily basis. Thanks Paul for all your tips.

Kylie @ DIY Decorator (One-to-One Photography Tuition) May 2016


Took this course after having a DSLR for over two years and no idea how to use it. The course was great Andrew made everything really simple and easy to understand while also teaching us some of the more technical aspects of cameras and lighting. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to use their DSLR!

Anna R (Beginners Photography Workshop) May 2016


I really learnt a lot at this iPhone photography course. As a professional photographer, Paul was able to impart his tips and tricks of how to take great photos and apply them directly to using the iPhone. I was amazed how simply he was able to demonstrate how to capture amazing images, then edit them. It was also great to meet some like-minded people and learn from them too. Very good value.

Sarah (iPhone Photography Course) April 2016


Great course for an introduction in to the world of taking great pictures with a DSLR camera and getting familiar with the know how and camera settings.

Perfect mix of both Practical and Theory delivered at a good pace in a small group, which lets Paul work closely with individuals as well as in a group.

This course was recommended to me by a friend and i was not disappointed.


J Fergusson (Beginners Photography Workshop) April 2016

This was a fabulous day and I learned a lot to help me improve my photography. The group was small and there were two experienced and knowledgeable tutors to help us. They started with a formal teaching session where they went through setting up your camera and basic information about photography, exposure, lighting etc.

Then we walked around the park taking photographs. The tutors were on hand to ask questions and they regularly checked the photos we were taking and offered advice and guidance. They had also hired lenses so we could try using different equipment. It was great to have an experienced photographer on hand to explain how to improve the clarity of the photos we were taking, or how to improve the composition etc. All up, this was a fun day teamed with great opportunities to learn and improve our photography.

I’ve done two other sessions with Photo Genius. A one-on-one street photography session, which was great and a one-on-one Photoshop session. I’d definitely recommend these guys to anyone who hopes to improve their photography skills.

Elizabeth B (Australia Zoo Photography Workshop) April 2016

I had a fantastic session with Paul. He really tailored the class to my needs and I left feeling so much more confident with how to get the most out of my camera. Would really recommend to anyone who wants that one on one support in a chilled, supportive environment.

Lucy (One-to-One Photography Tuition) March 2016


As a complete novice, I was very pleased to emerge from this course with usable camera skills. The small group size ensured we received individual attention when needed. The length and time (11-7) ensured that we practised our newfound skills under a variety of lighting conditions. I highly recommend this course.

Ruthlyn (Beginners Photography Workshop) March 2016

I took my Mum and 13yo daughter along, it was an awesome day, Paul is very friendly and knowledgeable, he easily kept my 13yo’s attention and we all came away with great photos, solid knowledge of our cameras and a photography bug! Thanks Paul our cameras will never be put on Auto again! See you soon for the next course

Sam C (Beginners Photography Workshop) March 2016

I bought a decent camera, got confused by the manual, it was going to end up gathering dust on the shelf. I took Paul’s beginner course, which lasted from 11am to 7pm. The first part of the day was explaining how to set the cameras up, and theory which I didn’t know. The second part of the day (after an excellent lunch) was walking around Southbank taking photos.

Paul is a superb instructor, demystifying photography for beginners. I just can’t recommend this course highly enough. It is hard to imagine anyone doing it better.

Scott P (Beginners Photography Workshop) March 2016

Beginner photography course – Great course. Learned heaps and went home with some great photos! Lots of assistance, plenty of time to practice and get feedback. Was quite proud of myself! Definitely recommend to anyone! Keen to get out and about to test my skills from the day and get some more practice!

Cassandra Graham (Beginners Photography Workshop) March 2016


Had a great afternoon doing the iPhone photography course with Paul. We had a great setting at our local hangout by the bay, it was convenient and easy and just the right amount of time to get enough information but not overload. I have learnt so much (even though I’ve done other photography courses before) so I highly recommending booking in for a fun session with Photo Genius. The highlights were learning how to get the best from my iPhone and then do the post editing process myself, and the small group….priceless!

Nicole Clark (iPhone Photography course) March 2016

Fully comprehensive 3hr course for iPhone users. Lots of tips & tricks as well as editing help. Paul helps us to ‘think like a photographer’.

Mark (iPhone Photography course) March 2016


I was lucky enough to experience the Beginner Photography Workshop with Paul Farris in February at Brisbane’s South Bank. Going in with a small amount of knowledge regarding shutter speed, aperture and ISO, I was quickly drawn in by Paul’s expertise and ability to explain to the small class the meaning, functionality and purpose of these features in a wide variety of cameras. The theoretical component of the course is invaluable to the practical component later in the day, due to the changeable nature of weather/lighting conditions one encounters every day. Like an excellent driving instructor, Paul equips you with the knowledge and confidence to go out on your own and experiment with your camera. I am eagerly anticipating an opportunity to attend the more advanced course at a later date.

Paul Johnstone (Beginners Photography Workshop) February 2016

Absolutely brilliant! So glad I went. Learnt so much and don’t feel so unfamiliar with my camera. I was surprised at how much I learnt from this workshop. The course instructor was incredibly helpful and the small intimate sized class helped to have a more personalised experience. Will be booking in for the next course as soon as I can!

Amanda Prove (Beginners Photography Workshop) February 2016


Had a great afternoon doing the slr course. It is great if you have recently purchased an slr and want to learn some neat tricks and features of your camera. Paul had a great understanding of the different models in our class and was able to provide tips for everyone in our class. He also makes sure everyone gets some one on one time which made the course even better with advice tailored to each individual.

Paul Rutherford (Simply SLR course) February 2016


Excellent course and a great day out. Paul the teacher gives you great advices and take the time to get each individual involve in the course. Highly recommed this course to get a better understanding how to use the manual mode.

Sandra B (Beginners photography workshop) February 2016


Absolutely fantastic course, went in with next to no knowledge and came out with the knowledge and skill to competently use my Digital Camera on manual mode. Paul was a great teacher and the day was a heap of fun. highly recommend this for anyone craving more knowledge about photography and is keen to learn a lot in a short period of time.

Kyle Dunn (Beginners photography workshop) February 2016


I went into the course knowing the words like appeture, shutter speed, ISO and so on and came out of it with an understanding of them all. It’s a great day course, a small group of like minded people and Paul was a great teacher. He was going through everyone’s photos and making us understand it. Definitely doing the night and advanced course next! I would totally recommend this course to anyone wanting a bit of knowledge in photography.

Morina (Beginners photography workshop) February 2016

It was a great course and I learnt so much in one day that I am really amazed. I feel that I will finally get some good photos from my camera, provided I get busy and practise! I thoroughly recommend Paul’s course to any beginner and I am sure the advanced course will be equally beneficial.

Well done Paul!

Beth Woodhouse (Beginners photography workshop) January 2016

I had an amazing time at the beginners workshop! Paul was extremely thorough and added a fun attitude to the day. It was very enjoyable, and so many things were learnt. I can’t wait to hone in on the tricks he has taught me! Definitely recommend doing any course with these guys!

Micara (Beginners photography workshop) January 2016

Absolutely fantastic course, Paul has a way of teaching that everyone understands, came away with so much information, and buzzing with information, I can’t wait to put into practise.

Thanks Paul, I’ll be back for another course once I’ve mastered what I’ve learned so far.

Thanks for the loan of the camera too.

Jan Curle (Beginners photography workshop) December 2015


The Night Photography Course was brilliant. I learned a lot of new tricks and have now started shooting in Raw thanks to Paul’s advice. My friends were also very impressed with the pictures I posted on Facebook.

Jennifer T (Night photography course) December 2015

I really enjoyed the Simply SLR course – it had the right combination of class room theory and hands on practice. Paul is a fantastic teacher and I came away knowing a lot more than I expected from an introductory course. Thanks mate!

David (Simply SLR course) December 2015

This course was excellent. I went in with a digital slr I had owned for 4 years and did not know how to operate off ‘auto’. I came out knowing so much about my camera and have been enjoying practicing using the different manual settings. The course was presented in easy, every day language in a comfortable environment. I’m looking forward to doing the next level course!

Sarah Nelson (Simply SLR course) December 2015

This course is excellent for new comers to photography who want to know how to use the manual controls on their camera. The course covers a significant amount over the fours hours but Paul is an excellent teacher and presents it in a way so that it is not overwhelming. It was an enjoyable experience and I would gladly recommend this course to others.

Asika (Simply SLR course) December 2015


I attended the beginners photography workshop with Paul. I had such a wonderful day! Paul was such an amazing teacher.. he explained everything in a way that made it so easy to understand and i went away from the day feeling like i actually understood my camera and how to use it to its full extent on manual mode.

Paul made sure the day wasn’t just all about theory and runs the day in a way that you get a good mix of theory and practical experience. He also runs the course in a way that was really enjoyable.

Highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to learn more about their camera on manual mode whilst having a fun day 

Britney M (Beginners workshop) November 2015


I have now undertaken 3 workshops and private one on one tuition focussed on studio lighting with Paul. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough, I have learnt so much from him and have gone from being too nervous to take my camera off automatic mode to confidently taking photos in manual mode therefore maximising the full potential of my digital SLR camera. Paul makes learning photography concepts, which can be quite complex for those starting out with photography, easy to understand. Paul takes the time to ensure each individual in the workshop is grasping the concepts and continually gives practical tips. The workshops are really enjoyable and a great way to spend the day!

Sarah S (One-to-One tuition) November 2015


Paul is an excellent teacher. He explained how to use my camera in manual mode (something I’ve previously been unable to grasp) in easy to understand ways. Now I’m wondering why I was having so much trouble. I highly recommend this course. Thanks heaps Paul. Andrew Walters

A Walters (Beginners workshop) November 2015


Great workshop for beginners. Paul’s down to earth teaching methods & practical lessons helped both of us to understand how to utilize our SLR camera to its potential. We can now take quality photo’s out of auto mode. Highly recommended.

T & J Hewson (Beginners workshop) October 2015


Our group of 4 had a great day with Paul on the Beginner’s Workshop. He put a lot of effort in to make sure each of us had an understanding of the basics and that we had a fun time taking lots of photos. Would highly recommend if you want to learn how to get out of AUTO mode with you photography. We are keen to try the Advanced course now to learn about composition etc.

Wayne R (Beginners workshop) October 2015


Paul really takes the time to sit down with every individual during each aspect of the course to ensure you understand how to apply what you learn in the classroom. The theory part of the day was very interactive and I LOVED the diagrams! The theory was kept short and to the point and with the aid of diagrams its very easy for beginners to understand their individual cameras and their settings. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking at getting out of auto mode and understanding their camera’s capabilities!

Jennifer B (Beginners workshop) October 2015


Not only does Paul give you one on one attention he gives you a great day of fun too. I’ve completed 4 courses run by Paul and one run by Andrew and I have found them all to be beneficial. I always walk away with great shots and I have retained most of what I learnt. I have recommended Photo Genius to several people including booking Paul for a personal group class for my staff to take better shots of their dogs. Ill be back for sure!

P Shelbourne (Beginners workshop) October 2015

I did this course as a complete beginner with a brand new SLR camera, which I really didn’t know how to use properly. You will get excellent theory, in a class with small numbers, so you’ll feel comfortable. Then on to prac through the South Bank parklands. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. There are so many people out there with expensive cameras, and they don’t know how to use them! I was one of them! Now I’m using my camera to it’s fullest potential, and my photos have completely transformed. Never shoot in Auto again! Photo Genius : 10/10 !

Chan H (Beginners workshop) October 2015

My husband gave me a gift voucher for the Beginners Photo Workshop as a Xmas present last year and then we decided to do the course together in September. It was such a great day – we were so impressed with the content, structure, facilitation and venue for the course. Paul was able to deliver the training in a simple straight forward manner that was easy to understand. There were only 5 of us in the session and he could answer all our questions as needed and spend one-on-one time together giving further coaching and encouragement. Started with a couple of hours of practical learning in QLD Library, then on for lovely lunch with the team, then an afternoon/evening putting to practice what we learnt in a range of settings and different light conditions. The great news is that the learning has stuck – and my husband and I are very passionate about developing our photography skills further given Paul made it so accessible to us. We will definitely do more training with Paul. His style is great – you can tell he has a passion and talent in this area. Thoroughly recommend this course to anyone – apart from learning wonderful new skills, it is such a great day out!

S Wilkie (Beginners workshop) September 2015


I did the full day beginner photography course which was taken by Paul. It was excellent. Small group so lots of personalised attention. The pace of the course was appropriate. I was a complete beginner and never felt overwhelmed. Paul made everyone feel very comfortable. I highly recommend the course and I intend to book in for the advanced course early next year.

Susan (Beginners workshop) September 2015


The small class size meant Paul was able to give personalized attention to everyone. Paul was approachable, patient and eager to pass on his knowledge to us. It was a great day. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to take the daunting step from auto to manual! Thanks Paul.

Jennifer H (Beginners workshop) September 2015


Great course for beginner’s. Easy and relaxed learning environment. Can not rate this course high enough. I will be back for another course in the near future!

Rohan (Simply SLR course) September 2015

Paul was a fantastic teacher and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I can finally use my camera off auto and get the photo quality I have been after! We covered a lot in the 4 hours and I highly recommend this course. Thanks Paul!!

Dani (Simply SLR course) August 2015

I can not rate this course high enough. It was so much fun and finally creating some photos that had the wow factor. Really worth doing . The small class made it so much easier to keep asking and to get it right with practice. Loved it thank you

Teresa Bryant (Practical SLR course) August 2015


Excellent course with an incredibly knowledgable facilitator. The skills we learnt in one day far exceeded my expectations – and I now feel much more confident using my SLR. Paul really went above and beyond – demonstrating the theory behind photography with memorable analogies and diagrams! He also provided advice and recommendations for lenses when I contacted him prior to the course explaining that I was in the market for a new one but didn’t really know what I was looking for.

For anyone looking to learn how to use their SLR properly but doesn’t know where to start – start right here with Paul!

Julia (Beginners workshop) August 2015


Fantastic course at a good price. I learnt so much and am looking forward to honing my skills

Rowena (Beginners workshop) August 2015

I came knowing some theory, but not really how to put it into practice with my current camera. Paul was able to put it in a framework that made sense and was memorable, while tailoring it to the interests of each member of the group and the kinds of situations you might use particular methods.

The afternoon practical session gave hands on experience in using everything you had learned, and an opportunity for one on one feedback on your images and camera.

Highly recommend the full day beginners course.

Tamara (Beginners workshop) August 2015


Fantastic course for a beginner. I came to this course knowing nothing about my camera other than point and shoot and hope for the best. The small class of six gives you plenty time to ask your questions. The morning theory session takes you through some of the main features of your camera and some of the terminologies such ISO, aperture and shutter speed, which makes more sense in the afternoon/evening when you get to put them into practice. Paul’s teaching method of using simple language and drawings makes it easy to understand for the beginner. I highly recommend this Beginner’s Course for anyone thinking about it as it is worth the price to never have to be afraid of Manual setting again. And of course to have awesome photos you took yourself.

Christine B (Beginners workshop) August 2015


I can highly recommend the iPhone photography course! It’s a great way to pick up tips on both composition and using apps to improve impromptu photos. And a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Kym (iPhone photography course) August 2015

I can not rate this course high enough. It was so much fun and finally creating some photos that had the wow factor. Really worth doing . The small class made it so much easier to keep asking and to get it right with practice. Loved it thank you

Teresa Bryant (Practical SLR course) August 2015

I’m a 71 year old male, set in my ways and not very tech savvy, but class myself as reasonably intelligent. I have found camera/photography terms and explanations up until now confusing at best and incomprehensible at the other end of the extreme. I approached the beginners workshop with some trepidation and scepticism but I was determined to get my camera setting off ‘intelligent automatic’! I can now do this Paul’s explanations are lucid and clear. He knows his cameras too. The small group (no more than six) enhances the learning process. I doubt I’ll ever get off ‘Manual’ again. And, the terminology now means something. Well done ‘Photo Genius’; first rate value for the money.

Greg Shannon (Beginners workshop) July 2015

Cannot recommend this course enough! It was a great day and Paul does such a great job of making sure everyone has full understanding. We had the maximum of 6 attendees in the group but this still allowed for ample time with each student and opportunities for plenty of questions. The course involves a great mix of theory and practical work and I came away with some great photos and an excellent understanding of using my camera in Manual mode. This course is definitely a must for anyone wanting to take better photos!

Carly (Beginners workshop) July 2015

Great course to learn the basics of your camera. I previously tried to understand literature that claimed to be for beginners but it didn’t make sense. However, Paul explained the concepts in a way that was easy to understand and unravelled a lot of the mystery to ‘aperture’, ‘shuttle speed’ etc. I learnt so much in such a short time. Paul is very approachable when you need help and makes the day very interesting. Will definitely be doing the course for the next level when I have a bit of practice under my belt. Thanks Paul!

Linda P (Beginners workshop) July 2015


Absolutely fantastic course!! Paul broke down a number of complicated concepts (ISO, depth of field, aperture etc) into easy, short lessons, and by the end of the day I had developed a great understanding of what I can do with my camera on manual mode. With the small group size there was a lot of one-on-one tuition for using the camera – nobody is left behind – and I cannot recommend this course enough!!

Fran (Beginners workshop) July 2015 


Fantastic workshop , I was amazed at how much I learnt about manual settings, in one day in a friendly atmosphere..Thank you

Bella (Beginners workshop) July 2015

I received a voucher to attend this course and I’m so pleased I did. My knowledge of my camera was limited to knowing how to charge up the battery and turn it on to auto I found the topics covered helpful and explained in a way that I would understand. Andrew w extremely knowledgable and had the experience as well behind the camera but would explain things in a way that it was easily understood. I would highly recommend this course and look forward to practising with my camera and then coming back for the next course.

Mia (Simply SLR course) June 2015


Really good course. Clear and concise and delivered exactly what I wanted (and what it promised) in terms of utilizing the potential of my camera.

Gerald (Simply SLR course) June 2015

This was a great way to get to know my camera. The content was really well explained and Paul was very patient with us to make sure everyone was on board. I would recommend this course to others and look forward to me learning some more through the next one.

Julie (Simply SLR course) June 2015


Course was great. Explained how to set up my camera to changing depth of field in terms a non professional can easily understand. Plan to do further couses. Thanks so much. Am enjoying my camera.

Roxanne Nicholas (Simply SLR course) June 2015

We started the day with little to no understanding of how to use our camera properly and finished with a firm understand of the basics. Andrew’s depth of knowledge was obvious and his enthusiasm was infectious. We recommend this course to anyone wanting to get their head around photography basics.

Josh and Donna L (Beginners workshop) June 2015


Great beginners course in photography! I knew nothing about how to use my camera or how ISO, shutter speed and apperature worked but thanks to Paul I now have a much better understanding. I really loved being able to come home at the end of the day with photos I was proud to say I took. Highly recommend this course!

Tiarn (Beginners workshop) June 2015


A great introduction to photography and learning what your camera can do. The information was clear and Paul made sure everyone understood the techniques before moving on. Wish I had of done the course earlier and I would recommend the course to anyone who is a beginner wanting to take fabulous photos. By the end of the day I was impressed with what photos I could take. I now have a new found appreciation for photography and want to learn more!

Nadine (Beginners workshop) June 2015


Brilliant course if you are a new beginner. I learned a lot and I finally know how to use my camera manually and not just use the automatic functions. You’ll see how significant better your photos will be when you learn how to use your camera properly. Highly recommended.

Elisabeth (Beginners workshop) June 2015


We did the Simply SLR course two weeks previous and then followed up with this Practical SLR course. I couldn’t have asked for a better course. We took some brilliant professional photos and really enjoyed understanding what our cameras (and we) could do. We are now looking forward to the ‘Beyond the Basics’ course in a few weeks time.

Karyn and Aly (Practical SLR course) June 2015

I would like to thank Photo Genius / Paul for is ability to provide an absolute novice the fundamentals of using an SLR camera. I had been very apprehensive in doing any sort of course although i knew i needed to because i believed i would struggle to understand the theory of photography. Alas it was not so ! Paul has an amazing way to demonstrate the theory behind taking a photo and then help you apply that knowledge to your own SLR camera I left the course with a wag in my tail. Give us a U Beauty !

Adam Ivan (Simply SLR course) June 2015

I’ve done an intro photo course before (and promptly forgot it all) but Paul explained all the aspects of the manual mode of our cameras in a way that made it easy and memorable. Being a small class, he could go around to every student and make sure they understood the principal and practical application of each feature. And he didn’t move on until everyone was comfortable. If you are looking for an intro SLR course, don’t waste your time looking any further than this course.

Karyn and Aly (Simply SLR course) June 2015

Great course for anyone looking to take control of an SLR. Paul delivers a relaxed and informative overview of the basics of manual control. Though I had read camera manuals, guides and a few “How to” books before this course, all that information fell into place after Paul’s presentations. I gladly recommend this course for anyone interested in getting to know the power and fun of today’s cameras.

Erik Hollander (Beginners workshop) February 2015

Great day! Learnt so much from Paul. Great learning environment with having a small group. You will never want to use your Auto setting again. I highly recommend this course to anyone. You will know what all those little buttons, numbers and knobs mean, and how to use them once your day is over!

Kerri Goddard (Beginners workshop) February 2015

We did the Beginners Workshop on Sunday 15th February 2015 and absolutely loved it. We brought a Nikon digital SLR a few years ago, and a family member and a friend (both of whom are exceptional photographers – one professional) both attempted to teach us the basics but we were only slightly better for those efforts. The course with Paul last weekend was completely different: we spent a dedicated few hours learning the important theory in a structured and logical format which ensured that nothing slipped through the cracks but also that nothing irrelevant was taught – a very efficient few hours. We then spent another few hours taking photos using the knowledge that we learned in the morning session, and again, this was a very efficient few hours which embedded the knowledge.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone ranging from (a) having just brought a camera to (b) someone who thinks they know a bit about photography but seem to find that other people take better photos than they do.

Shane Stanton (Beginners workshop) February 2015

I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who is new to photography and would like to get a better understanding of the manual settings on their camera and how to use them. If reading manuals and books, trying to work things out yourself is not how you like to learn, this course will be great for you. Paul is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher, and the day is well balanced and informative. Lunch at The Ship Inn was pleasant and reasonably priced. Overall, a well put together learning experience. I look forward to doing the advanced course in the not too distant future… Enrol now and take your hobby to the next level!

Gemma (Beginners workshop) January 2015


I learnt more during Paul’s workshop than I have from reading through theory, watching online videos, reading my camera manual etc. Paul has a great ability to convey a complex idea in a very clear, easy-to-understand way that you can immediately apply practically.

I really enjoyed the beginner course. The day itself was well structured with a good mix of theory and practice.

I’d definitely recommend to anyone which a DSLR looking to get more out of their camera. I’ll definitely be back to take on another course soon.

Clint Cunningham (Beginners workshop) January 2015


The beginner course was just what I required. Prior to the course I had learnt to turn the camera on, Now I am confident to be able to set the camera on manual mode, set the ISO, aperture and shutter speed so as to be able to take a photo in differing light. What seemed very complicated now seems very achievable and enjoyable. Great venue, great practical advice and great value for money.

Murray (Beginners workshop) December 2014


Absolutely fantastic course, was learning from the first 5 mins, really hands on course. Paul explains the technical concepts in an manner that is easy to understand, with real life examples. Would recommend this course for anyone who wants to get the most out of their camera.

Rebbecca Matthews (Beginners workshop) June 2015

I took part in the Basics course on Saturday and it has reignited my passion and joy for photography. When I look back at all of my “good” photos before Saturday I realise the content might have been good but the photo well….. not so good. Now I can take great photos. I have even saved all of my photos from Saturday as my screen saver at work so I can see them each day. I have learnt to blur water, blur backgrounds, took some fantastic night photos and even took a photo of the moon. Fantastic. I recommend this course to everyone. Paul is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and a very important trait – patient.  Thank you Paul for all of your great wisdom and advice.

Jill Woodruffe (Beginners workshop) June 2015


Peter and I Attended the one on one course with Paul last Wednesday. We were very impressed with Paul’s knowledge and found him an excellent Instructor. We both learnt a lot and Paul’s notes and diagrams were very good. I bought this course for Peter, for Xmas, and he feels he learnt more in three hours with Paul than he has trying to work through the camera manual in the 7 years since we got the camera. Thank you again Paul and we look forward to doing other courses with you.

Peter & Vilma stevens (One-to-One photography tuition) May 2015


Thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much about my camera. The structure of the course was perfect to enable us to get a good handle on photography and Paul was an extremely good tutor. For anyone looking to do a course on photography I would recommend photo genius. The small classes allow much more time for personal tuition. I thought I took reasonable photos but after completing the course I know I have improved out of sight.

Derek C (Beginners workshop) May 2015


This workshop was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day (even the theory). Paul is just great at explaining everything you need to know to get started. The group was nice and small which gave plenty of one on one time for questions. I went in there with only the knowledge of how to point, shoot and hope for the best and I came out with so much. A lot better than trying to understand the instruction book which was like trying to read another language. I was literally buzzing when I left the workshop and I haven’t stopped taking photos with my camera in manual mode ever since. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in learning how to get the best out of their camera. Thanks Paul for a great day and for your patience.

Monique (Beginners workshop) May 2015


Having completed the Simply SLR course earlier this year, I was very keen to put what Paul had taught us into practice – and to try some night photography using a tripod. Because it had been a few months, it was great because I had lots of questions, which Paul was happy to answer, and it was very effective to put the theory into real life practice and to remind myself of how to take better pictures. The group was small, the afternoon very interactive and there was definitely the ‘wow factor’ when we had the chance to take waterfall photos. I look forward to using my camera more and more!

Venny (Practical SLR course) April 2015

We had a great time on this course and found it was exactly as described and very informative. We learnt heaps and really consolidated everything we practiced in the Simply SLR course. Got some awesome night time shots and the perfect location to finish the evening with dinner and a few drinks.

Thanks Paul

Mike (Practical SLR course) April 2015

Thank you for a wonderful photography lesson. It was so great to put in practice the techniques I learned and to see the results with stunning photos. The small group was fantastic because Paul was able to get around to everyone and offer personal attention and advice. I’d definitely recommend the course and can’t wait for my next one. Thanks Paul

A Johnson (Practical SLR course) April 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed this course presented by Paul. He was able to explain the important elements of using an SLR camera in manual mode, e.g. aperture, shutter speed and focus which I was having trouble understanding. I am feeling more confident about producing better quality photos rather than the hit and miss I have been experiencing. Would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and use their camera like a pro.

Dianne (Simply SLR course) April 2015


I really enjoyed this workshop with Paul. His presentation of the principles of photography in the theory session were easily understood and grasped. Our walk through the parkland to our lunch venue broke up the day nicely and I was excited to think we would make our way along in the afternoon taking photos in changing light. Everyone in this small class took great photos, particularly low light and night time shots, and I for one am so thrilled to think I can too… all on Manual mode!

Thank you Paul, I highly recommend this course to anyone.

Jo S (Beginners workshop) April 2015

I would like to thank Paul and Andrew for another great workshop.

In particular the speedlite workshop was very informative on the use of flash, model direction and setting,configuring multiple speedlites and using the ambient light and location to your advantage.

I feel the number of students was about right and gave us plenty of time to ask questions of Andrew and good quality time with the model Asher. Even tho the weather wasn’t great we able to forge ahead and take advantage of other locations, which was also a good learning experience as well.

I have now done the Basic, Advanced and the Flash Workshops and I cant recommend Paul and Andrew enough to take your photography to the next level.


Daniel (Flash / Speedlight workshop) March 2015


Highly recommended!! I absolutely loved this course, I can now use my flash confidently and cannot wait to start experimenting. Thank you!!

Carly (Flash / Speedlight workshop) March 2015

I have just completed the beginners course on the weekend and found every aspect to be of the highest level. Paul is a teacher of photography who has a passion of the subject that he wants to pass on to all who attends his courses. The class room theory is delivered in a relaxed atmosphere and blends easier into the afternoon practical session resulting in some spectacular photo being achieved by participants. Can’t recommend this course highly enough and will be doing the advanced course as soon as I return from overseas. Thanks Paul.

Greg Beahan (Beginners workshop) March 2015

We highly recommend the Beginners Course. Paul is an excellent instructor and explained the theory in a way that everyone could understand. The practical session that followed allowed us to put what we had learnt into practice. Paul was attentive to all students and available to answer all of our questions. We were amazed at what we learnt in one day. We will certainly be signing up for the advanced course at some stage. Thank you.

Chris (Beginners workshop) March 2015


As a raw beginner I found the course excellent value and the instruction from Paul was very professional. The theory component was a good introduction to learning about the camera and the technology surrounding the camera. Paul also spent the time to show me the setting of the camera as I had trouble finding the areas involved. The practical session was excellent and enable me to find a way of using the manual settings to gain excellent photo’s. For anyone just starting up I would recommend this course to gain good knowledge about the camera from excellent instruction. Well Done

Gary Littlewood (Beginners workshop) March 2015

Fantastic workshop – very hands on with learning how to use my camera, and with the small group Paul was able to assist one on one as necessary, which was great! Thoroughly recommend it for anyone wanting to get the best out of their camera.

Tamara Wilson (Beginners workshop) February 2015

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