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Here you can read the archived customer testimonial from 2009 - 2011
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Testimonials 2009 - 2011

Firstly can I thank you for the informative workshop I attended on Sunday. Just going through the pictures taken at the workshop, Im still amazed at the fact that it was me behind the camera taking those shots. I found the theory very helpful and it helped me to better understand my camera. The practical part of the workshop was by far the best part of the day. I was on such a buzz after the workshop was over. I love my camera but after the workshop, I have learnt to appreciate it even more. That ‘Auto’ mode is definitely a thing of the pass.  Thank you again and definitely considering doing another workshop.

Tina (All day SLR workshop) December 2011

Both my sister and I really enjoyed the day on Sunday and got a tremendous amount from it. You explained the techniques very clearly and we were both practising our new found skills with the christmas lights on the way home! Looking back at the photos on the larger screen of the computer, we have both been impressed by the quality of some of the pictures from South Bank. I look forward to putting some of the skills you have shown us to some use on my upcoming trip to the UK.

Mark (All day SLR workshop) December 2011

I had so many aha! moments in the course that I now pick up my buddy (AKA My canon camera) and dare to use the manual mode. Thank you so much for taking away all the dread of seeing all those buttons on the back of my camera.

Amanda (All day SLR workshop) November 2011

I had a great experience in the 4 hour SLR theory course. Though my camera was not an SLR, I would recommend anyone who wants to learn more about their cameras and its features to take this course. Paul was very knowledgeable and was easily able to pass this knowledge on to amateurs like myself. I am now looking forward to taking the practical course with Paul.

Lynda (SLR course) October 2011

Amazing course, SLR Day Course, it was great fun and perfect amount of theory and practice! I am now able to use my camera in modes other than auto and I was surprised at how easy Learn Photography made this. I definitely recommend this course to any beginner photographer with no prior photography knowledge.

Nanci (All day SLR workshop) October 2011

I completed the 1 day SLR course which included both theory and practical photography at Southbank Parklands. The instructor, Paul Farris, provided very clear, easy to understand explanations of the theory and then gave us a chance to try it out in practice with him then giving individual feedback and suggestions. This really cemented the knowledge and allowed time for questions if we weren’t sure what to do as we put theory into practice. I had never used my digital SLR in manual mode before. I now feel confident to do so and can look at my resulting photos and judge for myself what I need to change to improve the results. With only 4 course participants, 5 maximum, there was plenty of opportunity for individual questions and Paul was happy to provide additional information beyond the normal scope of the course on specific topics when needed. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, relaxed but informative.

Denise (All day SLR workshop) October 2011

Excellent, I really had a lot of improvement just in one day! I recommend it, 100%!

Juan (All day SLR workshop) October 2011

The day’s course fulfilled expectations, particularly giving me greater confidence in using my camera (Nikon D80) in manual mode and exploring it’s creative capability.  The in-field activities were practical and enjoyable. Am already using the camera a lot more and exploring editing programs to support. Recommended for anyone new to digital cameras or like me resisting the new technology and hoping for a film revival……(!)

David (All day SLR workshop) September 2011

The day course I did with Learn Photography has taught me so much about my camera and how to use it. Andrew was our teacher for the day, he was really easy going and down to earth, he explained everything in a simple way that was easy to understand. The small class was ideal as I felt like there was a lot of one on one time with the teacher. I had a really great day out, it was so informative but it was also a lot of fun. Thank you Learn Photography!

Sandy (All day SLR workshop) September 2011

I had recently attended an advanced SLR workshop in Brisbane with Learn Photography and found the course and the instructor, Paul Farris, to be extremely helpful. The day definitely improved my skills. I have done a little bit of photography for the company I work for, but mostly my photography is for personal use. Though I read a lot of books on the subject, there is nothing better than getting out there with a professional who can provide instant feedback and advice on your specific shots. They are definitely recommended!

Robert (Advanced SLR workshop) September 2011

I have been on two courses recently with Learn Photography and found both very beneficial. I learned a great deal. Both classes consisted of both experienced photographers and less experienced and everyone got so much out of it. It was great to have someone there to answer your questions, set you straight, share tips and advise. The improvements to my photos from even the first course have been tremendous, if I do say so myself. Paul is down to earth and talks to his audience appropriately. I would recommend in a heartbeat! Book now and enjoy your camera more. To give you some idea of the quality, 75% of the advanced class had all been to Learn Photography before. Obviously the value is there. I had no hesitation for booking my second class, another full day of access to expertise!

Jodie (Advanced SLR workshop) September 2011

The 1 day digital SLR course was amazing. I learnt so much and took some great photos. Paul was friendly and his knowledge and ability to pass this on was fantastic. I will never use the auto setting on my camera again!

Linna (All day workshop) September 2011

Many thanks for a really informative and fun day yesterday at South Bank. I learnt such a lot and it was such an eye opener to see what I can do with my camera. Now to practice so it sinks in !!

Carrie (All day workshop) August 2011

Thank you for a great course last Sunday. The morning session consolidated my scant knowledge of SLR.  Most interesting for me was learning new and different techniques such as photographing the cyclists on the bridge and the night photography.

I will be looking at the advanced course in the new year after my trip to Paris and Amsterdam later this year.  They say Paris is the city of lights and I am looking forward to puting my new skills into practice.

Anne (All day workshop) August 2011

Really enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it. Will definitely sign up for the advanced course after some practice.

Gavin (All day workshop) August 2011

I attended the SLR workshop yesterday which was run by Paul Farris. I have to say that Paul was extremely knowledgable about the subject and is a terrific tutor. He is easy to understand and I love the way he spends the one on one time with his clients. Thankyou Paul for all your efforts. I am very excited to use my camera now on manual. Paul, I would recommend your workshop to anyone who is looking to learn more about their camera

Mel (All day workshop) July 2011

I attended the day SLR workshop. What a fantastic course that gives you both the practical and theory to get yourself started, even if you have had your camera for ages and don’t know how it works effectively. Paul’s theory on the camera side is well communicated and easily understandable, which enables you to enjoy the afternoon part of the class as it sinks in. Would highly recommend this course and would be interested in the advanced option when it is underway.

Megan (All day workshop) July 2011

What a great photography course!

I’ve always had a great enthusiasm for composing interesting and creative photo shots, but have felt restrained by my inability to use the technical aspects of a camera. From the start of the day, Paul (Course Trainer) made everyone feel at ease and set a comfortable and friendly tone for the whole day. Course numbers were kept small, which set an environment conducive to asking questions and getting specific assistance in the myriad of functions on your personal camera. Theory was kept to a minimum, although concise notes were given for later reference, and pathways to access further advanced courses was given.The location of Southbank was used to apply our new found skills into practice, which had not only many varied and challenging subjects to shoot, it made for a leisurely day out in our great Brisbane inner district; from bird wildlife in the creeks, busy pathways and roadways, to city night-skapes from the full light spectrum of the day to night. Paul at every occasion went above and beyond to accommodate the varying needs of each student to make their experience a valuable one. I leave the course feeling confident, excited, and eager to develop my skills further.

Rob (All day workshop) June 2011

I attended the four hour DSLR course which I found extremely useful. Having just bought my first DSLR camera I was daunted by the amount of options on the camera and had no idea how to use the manual settings. Within four hours Paul has made me so confident to use the manual settings, that’s all I use now. This course is great when just starting out and just wanting to understand the basics of the DSLR camera. The session was very personal and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. I can highly recommend it.

Daniel (SLR course) June 2011

Thank you so much for this workshop on Saturday, what I got out of this day was invaluable. The skills that I have taken away from this course has given me so much more confidence in using my newly purchased D7000 camera, especially in the manual mode.

I was so proud of my shoots of the City Nightlights across the river, I just had to show these off to my family and friends and one day I will be putting one of these onto canvas. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to learn more about the art of photography and I have already done so to budding SLR camera users here in Dalby.

Tracy (All day workshop) May 2011

I really enjoyed it. The subjects were perfectly selected, and with tips and tricks to ease your life. I’d really recommend their photography course using SLR to any digital photography enthusiast. Go for it and you’ll see the difference. Thanks.

Baris (All day workshop) March 2011

The class sizes are just perfect to allow good interaction with other inexperienced users but also allows substantial 1 on 1 time with the course instructor. There is a perfect balance of theory and practice that ensures you come away from the day with an excellent understanding of your camera and the confidence to begin using it in a variety of new ways! This company provides an outstanding service at very reasonable prices.

Paul (All day workshop) March 2011

It was a great day of learning to use my digital SLR in manual mode. I now understand all the basics and now looking forward to putting my newfound information into action. Our teacher was skilled at getting to the nitty gritty without causing any confusions.

Adam (All day workshop) March 2011

I must say, I’ve had aperture, shutter speed etc explained to me so many times before but I’ve never understood them properly. Your theory explanation in combination with the practice models that you have developed, really helped me better understand those concepts and I really feel already (after only one day) that my skills have now improved considerably! As a professional designer in business, financially your workshop has already paid for itself! Thanks!

Claire (All day workshop) March 2011

It is by far the most informative full-day workshop that I have ever been on. The guys at Learn Photography have a wealth of information and they have the ability to pass that information on in an easy going, fun, and friendly way.

Adam (All day workshop) February 2011

I could not recommend this course more for someone who has purchased an SLR camera and has no idea how to use it other than on the automatic function! The theory part of the course was incredibly helpful for getting around the ins and outs of the camera, while the afternoon/evening session spent taking photos was invaluable to cement what we had learned in the classroom. The day certainly inspired me to take another couple of classes and to spend some quality time taking photos!

LIsa (All day workshop) February 2011

We both really enjoyed the course and have walked away with a whole new perspective on using our cameras. Also, i thought that you were very good at explaining things in a relaxed manner that was easy to understand.

Faye (SLR course) February 2011

Whether I had any idea of the capabilities of my camera? Well I thought I did, but after having completed the day course, I was amazed at what my camera can further do. He is an amazing teacher who takes the time to have one-on-one with his students. He even makes it easier for students to understand their SLR camera. I would recommend this course to anyone, from beginners to experts. By getting feedback on your photos can make you realise what you’ve been doing wrong. I had a fantastic time and would do it again.

Tomika (All day workshop) February 2011

They offer a very informative class. I now feel a lot more confident using my camera. Thank you, Paul for the knowledge, skill, & time. I will be booking for a practical SLR course soon!

Lee-Anne (One-to-One tuition) January 2011

Highly recommended excellent instructor!

Cameron (All day workshop) January 2011

The small groups allow a very personal and interactive experience which only adds to the positive benefits of attendees. Paul conveys his comprehensive knowledge, experience and advice in a very professional yet personal and interactive manner, by only teaching small groups. This provided me with timeless skills and experience and the confidence to enhance my photography experience. The course delivers everything it promises and more.

Clive (All day workshop) January 2011

I would highly recommend Paul Farris’ Learn Photography theoretical course. The numbers were small enough to permit the asking of questions where necessary. Explanations were clear and helped start the demystification of stuff like the significance of aperture settings. Now looking forward to attending the practical course in 2011.

P. Dobbyn (SLR course) December 2010

The course was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in photography. Paul is an excellent teacher, skilled and patient. I learned heaps and now feel so much more comfortable with my camera.

C. Haase (SLR course) November 2010

Thank you for an awesome day. I have gone from not knowing my D90 Nikon to now shooting on manual mode. I found your course relevant and easy to follow. The small group size also was good as we all got your personal attention.

E. Plata (All day workshop) October 2010

I personally loved the Lighting workshop course & want to thank you so much for organising it – very enjoyable!!  I could have spent the whole day there taking photos (time permitting), if only I had all of that equipment…

N. Tubman (Studio lighting course) October 2010

I absolutely loved the workshop you held on Saturday. I learnt so much about the lighting side of studio photography, that now I can’t wait to set up my studio.

L. Petfield (Studio lighting course) October 2010

Thanks Paul, I should have met you before I went on safari! After being an ‘automatic’ picture taker for a long time, I now vow not to take another automatic shot. I found your approach exactly what I needed to understand my DSLR. Thanks.

B. Dalby (One-to-One tuition) October 2010

I would recommend anyone who wants to get a good grasp on using their digital camera and understanding about aperture, shutter speed, basic composition and how to use it all together to do this course. Paul is interesting, knowledgeable and all round nice guy. Had a great day.

C. Kerwin (All day workshop) September 2010

I highly recommend to anyone that loves photography and anyone who needs to know that little bit extra about your camera. Paul is an excellent teacher and explains things so you understand. I walked out much more confident about my photography.

L. Petfield (One-to-One tuition) September 2010

I was a part of Learn Photography’s day workshop, and I found out that I knew almost nothing about my DSLR. Paul was totally down to earth and helped explain things simply and easily, he didn’t make you feel dumb or wonder why you even thought of buying a DSLR! Also the small group help made you feel like you had an almost one to one tuition and you also get to meet some nice people who also share the same interests. Now I feel confident to use my camera more! Thanks for a lovely day, Paul, it was fun!

S. Cooper (All day workshop) September 2010

I thoroughly recommend Paul Farris to anybody wanting to learn about their camera. He really listens, answers all the questions and keeps focused on the learning and understanding process. Thanks again Paul.

C. Gilbert (One-to-One tuition) September 2010

I enrolled for a one on one tuition course to learn about my new DSLR camera with Paul Farris of Learn Photography. Absolutely wonderful! He gave step by step instructions which really helped me because I am new to photography. Paul was patient and answered my many questions, also catering for my learning style. He’s very informative and I would certainly recommend his services! I am much more confident now and can’t wait to begin my photography journey. Thanks Paul!

F. Kennish (One-to-One tuition) August 2010

I would encourage anyone to give this company a go. I am a complete novice when it comes to cameras, but Paul was extremely patient and very easy to understand. He explained things so that even the most basic photographers could understand, and also for those with a bit more experience to gain handy info. I am now a lot more confident with my camera and cannot wait to get out and explore the creative side of photography!

D. Johnson – August 2010

After having attended both the theory and practical SLR courses, I highly recommend Learn Photography for both the beginner and anyone looking to advance their current knowledge. Paul is very helpful and knowledgeable. I really had an extremely good experience.

A. Lyons – August 2010

Paul is a fantasic teacher, easy to follow and lots of individual attention is given. I learnt a lot in only a few hours, and am inspired to get out there and take better pictures! Would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get the most out of your DSLR camera. Looking forward to doing the follow up practical course.

S. Gage – July 2010

In 4 hours I quadrupled my knowledge, it was very practical, and easy to remember what we did with the equipment. Good value for money and a good gift for friends who have slrs.

M. Barnier – July 2010

The learn photography workshop, slr and slr practical, are fantastic and great value for money. All of the hints, tips and hands on experience in the slr workshop that you can’t get from reading about it in a book makes this a must do course and any dslr user who wants to get the most out of their camera. The practical course is also a must do!! Lean all of the different techniques and get instant feedback from Paul.

B. Ferrugia – July 2010

I found this well-paced course useful to help anyone with an SLR understand how to get away from shooting in Auto mode. Just the right amount of theory and plenty of good examples in a very personalize environment. Great instructor.

J. Smith – June 2010

Thanks again for your fantastic teaching on Sunday. I finally understand my camera and its manual settings and feel so much more confident on how to use it. You made it really easy to understand. I’m looking forward to getting out there and putting it to use in Japan.

R. Hamilton – June 2010

I learned so much in the four hours, and now understand my camera for the first time. I’ll be back for the practical course, this is one course that should be a must for every digital SLR camera owner, I will be telling everyone about this course. Thanks Paul, it was excellent!

Fisher – May 2010

I have learned more about my camera in this 4 hr course than I did in the entire year I have had it! The small class made it feel like One-on-one tuition. It was informal but informative and practical. The balance between theory and practical was just right.

I would recommend this for anyone with a DSLR. I will no longer use the auto settings and now feel confident to shoot only in manual, TV and AV modes. Excellent value for money.

J. Cooper – May 2010

I thought that the course on sunday was great. While I had a very basic understanding of apertures and shutter speeds, your explanations of how the two work together has made it alot more clear, so I’m definitely going to be a lot more confident now! It was also good to hear ideas that are different from my usual landscapes and flowers ,

M. Ward – April 2010

Fantastic course! Even though I had read the manual for my camera, I was still confused about all the terminology. Completing this course has helped me understand more about photography, and especially how to use a DSLR camera. The small class numbers were great. I recommend Learn Photography to everyone.

A. Ceo – April 2010

Would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start using their DSLR to take really great pictures!

D. Dick – March 2010

Excellent course! These guys are very professional and helpful. I’m very happy and much more confident knowing what more of the buttons do. Small class numbers ensure that we all learned and came way with very useful information. Will definitely be back to do the practical course.

Thanks Paul!

B. Marie-Brereton – March 2010

The course information was excellent. I have enough knowledge now to be able to go away and use my camera without having it on auto mode. I would definitely recommend them.

K. Haworth – March 2010

Fantastic photography course! Anyone wanting to do a photography course should consider Learn Photography.

P. Noyes – March 2010

I learnt more in a few hours than I have in the six months since purchasing my new SLR camera.

H. Bell Arbuthnot – 2009

Your teaching skills are excellent, very easy to understand and went at a pace that I felt I could follow easily. I would recommend this course to any new starter to the SLR world, it will make using your camera more enjoyable and creative.

S Duffy – 2009

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