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Beginners Photography Workshop - Brisbane

Learn, practice, understand with Photo Genius

Our most popular photography course, the day-long beginners photography workshop is designed for novices. It combines the essential theory followed by a practical afternoon session that includes an introduction to night photography. Why not start your photography journey here and learn how to take better photos with your digital camera - no more Auto mode! 

No previous camera or photography knowledge is required.


Location : South bank cultural centre Brisbane


Course duration : 8 hours (inc 1 hour lunch break)


Class size : 6

The beginners photography workshop begins with a three hour theory session at the State Library, we will guide you through the essential camera theory, covering key features and functions. You will gain creative control over your camera by learning how to confidently use the cameras manual mode, leaving auto behind.

After a delicious lunch, the practical session commences with a leisurely walk around the South Bank parklands. Here, you will have ample opportunity to put the mornings lessons into practice and explore various techniques, such as controlling exposure, depth of field, creative use of shutter speed, and embracing low-light photography as the sun sets over Brisbane.
The perfect blend of learning and hands-on experience to elevate your photography skills.

What you will learn
The benefits of shooting manually, how to control aperture and shutter speeds and how they affect the image, focus modes and selective focusing, understanding lens focal length, depth of field, ISO and white balance.

What camera do you need
DSLR or mirrorless cameras are ideal as you will need to use the manual functions of the camera. The smaller ‘bridge cameras’ may also be used but we do recommend checking with us before making a booking.

Loan cameras are also available plus we can provide you with a tripod on the day if you do not already have one.

DID YOU KNOW?  You can also purchase a gift voucher for this workshop.

M Carter 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a great beginners course yesterday, I really had the best day. Your style of presentation suits me well, and I appreciate that you gave us all time to understand the concepts and then put them into practice. I will definitely be seeing you at a follow up course. 

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