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The crop factor

The crop factor is determined by the size of the sensor inside a digital camera.
Most cameras feature the popular APSC (cropped) sensor with higher end and professional

cameras featuring full frame sensors. 

Use this handy guide to discover the crop factor for your camera

The following APSC DSLR and Mirrorless cameras have a CROP FACTOR of 1.5
Nikon (DX mount)

Pentax K mount

Sony (varies - check with dealer)


Fujifilm X mount

Samsung NX


All Canon APSC DSLR cameras have a - CROP FACTOR of 1.6

Full frame DSLR and mirrorless cameras have a - CROP FACTOR of 1

Nikon FX and Z mount
Canon EF mount

Sony (varies - check with dealer)

Pentax K1

Leica M9

Micro four thirds cameras have a - CROP FACTOR of 2



Recommended viewing

Recommended viewing

Recommended viewing

We post weekly photography tutorial and review videos on the Photo Genius YouTube channel.


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