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YouTube creator One-to-One tuition

YouTube is the worlds most popular video platform.

Did you know?

  • YouTube has over 2.3 billion regular active users worldwide

  • Everyday people watch over 1 billion hours of video content on YouTube

  • 90% of people say they discover new products and brands on YouTube

  • 79% of internet users have a YouTube account

  • Creating a channel and presence on YouTube is free

Whether you're an individual wanting to share and create fun videos or vlogs, or a business wanting to showcase products and services, create online tutorials or simply to expand your online presence, Photo Genius can help you get started and get ahead on YouTube. From setting up your channel and branding to creating and editing content to monetizing and earning revenue on YouTube.

Photo Genius on YouTube
Launched in 2016, the Photo Genius channel is hosted and produced by Paul Farris and features photography tutorials and gear reviews with more than 200 videos available to view, in excess of 365,000 subscribers and over 20 million video views.

Every One-to-One session is different and tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

Here is a list of suggested topics that we can assist you with. 


Planning your channel goals

Aim of channel

Your audience

Channel branding

Content planning

What content do you want to create

Scripting / storyboard

Content creation

Video gear and techniques 

Audio gear and techniques 

Accessories (lenses, microphones, drone, monitors, filters etc)

Recording techniques and tips 

Creating A-roll and B-roll

Video editing

An introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

The editing process
Creating a template

Effects and titles

Uploading content to YouTube

Creating engaging thumbnails

Titles and description

Tagging and hashtags


Growing your channel

Upload schedules

Creating shorts

Growing subscribers and fans

YouTube Studio statistics 

Earning revenue on YouTube




Product placement
Affiliate links


A single One-to-One session lasts three hours and is $250, we can arrange extended tuition if required. 
For convenience our tutors can come to your home or place of business (inner Brisbane suburbs only) and as a BONUS you can bring a friend, family member or work colleague along at no extra charge.
Group courses and workshops can also be arranged upon request.

Why choose Photo Genius?
Photo Genius has been teaching photography for over 11 years and creating video content for YouTube for over 5 years. 
One-to-One tuition is a popular choice as the focus is on you and you only and every session is tailored the to suit your particular needs and requirements. 

Where does the tuition take place?
We book a study space at the State Library in Brisbane, but we can also visit your home or place of business (Central Brisbane suburbs only), let us know when you complete the booking. 

What times can I book?

Session times are 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm, please check calendar for details and availability.

Can you help me create a video?

Absolutely, we can also provide a camera, lenses and gear for you to try.

Can you help me edit my video?

No problem, we can get you started with Adobe Premiere Pro, the software of choice for most YouTube content creators.


How long is the tuition

One-to-One tuition is available as a three hour block (minimum), we are happy to arrange extended tuition if required.

Can you do tuition for more than one person?

Yes, another person can join at no extra cost**

How much is the tuition?

Three hours private One-to-One tuition is $250

**If more than two people wish to attend the tuition then there is an additional charge per person - please contact us for more details. 

Disclaimer : Photo Genius Pty Ltd is not affiliated or certified with You Tube.

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