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Portrait photography Course

Our beginners portrait course is designed to give you both the ability and confidence to take amazing portrait photos.
Covering the essential theory and subjects such as camera settings, lenses, using and controlling natural ambient light, posing, composition and more this is a mostly practical course with the opportunity to shoot a professional model so you can put the theory into practice.


Topics covered include

Camera settings 

Focus tips

Lens options, focal length and perspective
Depth of field

Natural light photography

Using reflectors and diffusers

Posing tips



Introduction to flash / off-camera flash 

Location : South Bank Brisbane and West End.

Course duration : 3 hours

Class size : 6 

What to bring
A DSLR or Mirrorless camera. 
Flash (if you have one)

We will supply
Notes and pencils
Reflectors / Diffusers

Flash & wireless flash triggers 
Tripods (strictly upon request
Professional model 


What camera do you need
Digital SLR or Mirrorless / micro four thirds cameras are ideal as you will need to use the manual functions of the camera.

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