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One-to-One flexi-time photography tuition

Ever wanted some help taking sunrise or sunset photos, maybe you're struggling with shooting at night and could do with some extra help. 

Sunrise, sunset, macro, long exposure, portrait, sports or maybe even street photography - whatever your interest is, we have you covered.

With our new One-to-One flexi-time tuition, we can arrange a private photography session that not only fits in with your schedule, but also takes advantage of the soft morning or evening light favoured by photographers. So whether you are a complete novice or wanting to learn more advanced techniques, we can help you to get more from your digital camera, answer questions and spend valuable practical time helping you achieve your photography goal.

Flexi-time tuition is available upon request Monday - Friday. 

Three hours tuition is $250 but you may bring a friend, family member or work colleague along for free. 

With Photo Genius One-to-One tuition the focus is on you and you only and can tailor the time to suit your particular needs, goals and camera type. 

How do I book?
Use the contact button below, we will then be in touch to discuss when and where you would like to do your tuition and what you would like to achieve on the day.

Where does the tuition take place?
We cover most inner Brisbane suburbs, but please let us know where you would like to do your tuition and we will do all we can to accommodate. 

What times can I book

The great thing about flexi-time is it's up to you - please get in touch for more details.

Is this available at the weekend?

Weekends are generally reserved for group courses, but get in touch and let's see what we can do.

How long is the tuition

One-to-One tuition is available as a three hour block (minimum), we are happy to arrange extended tuition if required.

Can you do tuition for more than one person?

Yes, one person can join at no extra cost. Group tuition for more than two persons is available upon request (see below).**

How much is the tuition?

Three hours private One-to-One tuition is $250

**Please contact us for more details on group bookings. 

We have assisted government departments, schools, corporations and small businesses with their photography requirements. 

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For customer reviews please visit the testimonials page

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