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Camera Basics course

If you want to take better photos with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera then our short Camera Basics course is ideal for beginners who want an introduction to the fundamentals of manual photography. Let one of our tutors guide you through the key features of your camera and show you the advantages of using the manual features of a digital SLR or mirrorless camera to get the results you want – no more Auto mode! The course consists of three hours theory in a comfortable study environment followed by an hour of practical photo taking and the opportunity to test the theory and ask plenty of questions.

Location : South Bank cultural centre Brisbane

Course duration : 4 hours

Class size : 6

Held at the State library in South bank, this popular theory course covers a wide range of topics and camera features as well as allowing plenty of time for specific questions, viewing images and discussing techniques. This course is ideal if you are a beginner, have just purchases a digital camera or have maybe owned one for a while but have never used it outside of the automatic setting or fully understood the more creative manual modes that a digital camera offers.

What you will learn
Understanding and controlling exposure, aperture and shutter speeds, the advantages of shooting in manual, focusing modes and selective focusing, understanding lens focal length, which lenses should I use and why, depth of field, ISO and white balance.

What camera do you need
DSLR, Mirrorless, Micro four thirds cameras are ideal as you will need to use the manual functions of the camera.
The smaller ‘bridge cameras’ may also be used but we do recommend checking with us before booking.

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