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Thank you Paul for sharing your amazing in depth knowledge about photography through your YouTube Videos. You have, without a doubt, made an invaluable contribution to my understanding and enjoyment of the art of photography. There have been so many "light bulb" moments for me whilst watching your videos. You are truly a Photo Genius! I trust the attached photo's do justice to the advice shared in your video's.

Pierre Jay Vanaar (Online tutorials) (Reviewed on Goggle local) April 2022.

Highly Recommended.
Paul is a man of great patience but best of all he has tremendous skill as a teacher.
His ability to explain things clearly and simply means you will walk away with so much more knowledge and ability in a matter of a few hours. Paul is also very generous with his time and knowledge in offering advice on suitable cameras and equipment to buy based on a person's needs and budget.
I have now attended a small group workshop for beginners and also a one-on-one private tuition - both of which have been fantastic. I look forward to attending the Beyond Basics Workshop in the next couple of months.

Shani W (Beginners photography workshop) (Reviewed on Goggle local) February 2022.

Highly recommend. I joined the Practical SLR session as I can never quite seem to get in the flow of using manual mode. Paul offered general advice on technique as well as personal insights into the photos I was taking on the day. I feel much more confident now and left feeling excited to get out again with my camera. Will definitely be joining more of Paul's workshops in the future.

Fleur Murphy (Practical SLR course) (Reviewed on Goggle local) February 2022.

Recently joined a small group of hobby photographers for a ‘hands-on’ course led by Paul of Photo Genius. Paul teaches small groups of all ages how to use their cameras and equipment and to confidently take the leap of faith required to shoot in manual mode. Paul patiently and expertly guides each participant to a much better understanding of how to use the camera and lenses to create quality images. Personally, I walked away from the e experience with a much better understanding of how to use the capability of my camera and a better ability to shoot and create. Thanks Paul! I will be back for more learning.

Hans Giebeler (Practical SLR course) (Reviewed on Goggle local) February 2022.

I recently attended the 'Long exposure filter workshop' at Currumbin beach - what an amazing workshop. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to take their photography to a higher level through the creative world of filters. Experiencing the WOW factor after taking your first 5 minute exposure of a sunset is amazing.

Paul is an excellent tutor - his knowledge, experience and passion for photography is all inspiring. Paul is able to explain everything so incredibly well in terms that are easy to understand plus received course notes on the use of filters and filters used during the workshop for future reference. With class sizes limited we received plenty of one-on-one great advice and assistance with composition, choice of filters and correct exposure.

The workshop was very enjoyable, great location, fun and I leant so much as the waves lapped my ankles with the sun setting on the horizon. Next morning we used our knowledge to capture the sunrise - what a bonus.

would certainly recommend this workshop, thank you Paul I very much enjoyed being part of your NiSi Filters launch. 

Gwenda Durrington (Long exposure filter workshop) (Reviewed received via email) November 2021.

I booked in for the filter course down at Currumbin Beach and man am I glad I did. I loved every minute and learned so much. Paul is a great teacher, very easy to under stand. This is my favourite photo of the night. I had both a polariser and a 6 stop ND filter on.

N Boyers (Long exposure filter workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) November 2021.

Absolutely amazing course for beginners. I have bought several cameras but never used the Manual mode (lazy enough to explore it or anything), so all my photos are taken using Auto mode or my iPhone. I then attended Paul's course and found it extremely helpful. What I like about the course the most is the perfect mix between theory and practice. In the morning, I got a much better understanding of the theory and principles. In the afternoon, I used the theory concepts to practice taking photos using the Manual mode, giving myself complete control over the camera. It takes time before one truly masters the art, but this is a really good direction for anyone looking beyond the Auto mode. Thanks to Paul for this amzing course.

Hoang Luong (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) November 2021.

Did the beginners course yesterday and can’t recommend this enough, really informative. Paul is a world of knowledge and explained everything in a way that was easy to follow and understand. In our group was a mixture of experience in photography but at the end of the day we all walked away with incredible photos. Even though you are part of a group, Paul still takes the time to have one on one throughout the day. Another great thing about the course was we never felt rushed and were able to work at our own pace which is rare these days, we also got to take some great photos at night along the river at Southbank at the end. Incredibly great value at a great price. I Can’t wait till I can book the night photography course with Photo Genius. Thanks again.

Vincent S (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) November 2021.

I unreservedly recommend this workshop !
Paul deftly and simply teaches you how to navigate around your personal digital camera. He is always super approachable with any questions you may have .The workshop kicks off with theory and then you use your camera and put theory into practice knowing that Paul is there if you need any help.

G Behan (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) September 2021.

Paul was very good. Informative and helpful. Money well spent. I can now actually use my camera. Highly recommend this day class, especially if you are like I was... no idea! Just do it!

Deb (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) August 2021.

After buying my first mirrorless camera I was unsure about how to use the manual settings. The beginner's workshop seemed to be the best course for me.

The first three hours is theory which then the afternoon you are out learning how to apply the theory you learnt in the morning.

Paul explains the theory clearly and makes it easy to understand. The small group means that when you are out at Southbank Paul can provide everyone with one on one tips as your learn to use the various settings.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel much more confident about able to use the manual settings on my camera. I'm looking forward to doing the beyond the basics day in the near future.

Davin Connell (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) August 2021.

Great workshop! Great balance between theory and practical. Paul was very helpful and knowledgeable

Carla Rankin (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) August 2021.

I did the beginner's course and really enjoyed it. Everything was easy to understand and engaging. I learned so much about digital photography and my camera! I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. Thanks so much!

Sally Rutter (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) July 2021.

fantastic day, learnt heaps, Paul is very patient and provides information in a way that is understandable for every level. Would definitely recommend if your looking to take lessons!!

Trish Flannagan (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) June 2021.

I first came across Paul from photo genius on YouTube in the early days of Covid restrictions. I really enjoyed his videos and the simplicity of his tutorials. I also joined his photo challenge on Facebook trying to fine tune my skills.
My next step I decided, was to join one of his workshops. I did think though, I was a bit better than the beginners but did it anyway. How wrong I was !!
Paul is knowledgeable, patient and his guidance is in valuable. The small group size allows for plenty of questions and 1:1.
I highly recommend the beginners workshop as I feel have gained better understanding of my camera and manual setting.
Paul, thank you for a fabulous day and I look forward to doing more of your workshops.

Donna McCarthy (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) June 2021.

Totally recommend taking in the City sights with Paul on his Beginners workshop. Paul you are an amazing photographer who is so passionate about what you do that has totally nailed the art of teaching!! Thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much. I am sure that you will always remember the time that you have spent with the #bestgroupever

Kylie Humphrey (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) June 2021.

I attended the beginners class and it was worth every single penny and more! The theory half of the workshop was very easy to understand. The class environment was relaxed and welcoming. The second half of the day gave us the opportunity to put the theory in practice and get individual feedback on our photos. It felt like one-on-one coaching session and class rolled into one. Also the location was very central to transport with affordable parking options as well.
Paul is a fantastic teacher who is very patient, 
encouraged questions and highly knowledgable. I got to meet a bunch of lovely people, have a delicious lunch (thanks Ship Inn) and take away some of the best photos I have ever taken.
I cannot praise this course enough. Book with Photo Genius and you won't regret it. 

Anna Anderson (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Google local) May 2021.

I attended the beginners workshop photography course and spent the day in a small group and with Paul. I had a great and informative day to help me learn how to use my DSLR. I would highly recommend this workshop

Eve (Beginners Photography Workshop) (Reviewed on Trip Advisor) March 2021.

Course presenter knew his stuff and communicated well. Good balance between classroom and practical. I have a good knowledge of DSLRs, but found the course on iPHone 11s to be essential. I learnt a lot.

Greg Adams (iPhone photography course) February 2021.

If you are new or looking to improve your DSLR skills, look no further. I highly recommend Photo Genius. The instructor Paul is an excellent teacher. He will break down the concept very simple to understand. Value for money +++. Highly recommended +++++

Karthikeyan M (One-to-One tuition) January 2021.

I have now been to 2 different courses with Paul from Photo Genius and both times I have walked away feeling good. The knowledge and the way he explains things is exactly what I like.
I can highly recommend Paul if you looking at doing some of his courses.

Ian Light (Portrait Photography Course) (reviewed on Google local) October 2020.

I attended the portrait photography workshop last weekend. Paul is a great instructor and explains things really well that even a beginner can understand. He is patient and happily answers questions. I found the portrait photography workshop to be really great as with all the workshops I have attended with Paul this year including the Australia zoo beginners workshop and the beyond basics workshop. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend photo genius for photography workshops.

Leanne Ash (Portrait Photography Course) October 2020.

Paul Thank you for a great day yesterday (Beyond the Basics Workshop), following on from the beginners workshop I attended last year with Tony.
Your knowledge, 
guidance, delivery and pace of learning was spot on and pitched at a level that was tailored for my level of understanding. The multiple venues visited during the day complimented the style and techniques and enhanced the enjoyment providing ample opportunity not only with your teachings but also allowed time to experiment with our own ideas and interests. I am looking forward to consolidating my learning's and with the information gained and the confidence to experiment, hope to see better and more varied results.
Thanks once again.

Paul Hawker (Beyond the Basics Workshop) October 2020.

Paul is an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly tutor that seems to just love sharing his passion for photography. I've had my Nikon D90 for years and never really got that excited about my photos. 8 hours on Paul's "beyond basics" course and I'm stoked with my results. I may have even found a passion for macro photography. Thanks for a great course this weekend Paul - see you next month for the Portrait lessons.

Chrissecau (Beyond the Basics Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) October 2020.

It was a very informative and practical workshop! Defininately recommend! 😊 you!

Haeim Lee (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Google local) September 2020.

I had no previous experience with my DSLR camera and managed to learn all of the basics and put them into practice after spending 3 hours with Paul. Professional service, very happy, A+ experience will be back again in the near future. 

Matthew Dalton (One-to-One tuition) (reviewed on Google local) July 2020.

What a great course and a great day!
It was both informative and enjoyable and made what once seemed daunting and perhaps complicated, something that I am able to do, and with practice, get better at.

I've done a little practicing and have begun watching some of the YouTube tutorials (they're great) and am definitely keen to do the 'Beyond the basics course' in the near future. Thank you!

Arnaud Marion (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Google local) July 2020.

With absolutely NOOOO previous experience with a DSLR camera, my one-to-one training with Paul was absolutely amazing. He explained things so incredibly clearly and in a short time I had an abundance of confidence and have since produced photography to be really proud of.

Would highly recommend.

Paul & Jo Joseph (One-to-One tuition) (reviewed on Google local) February 2020.

I did the beginner workshop with Paul and I learnt a lot and how to use my camera in manual mode for the first time. Very knowledgeable and it was a great course in beautiful Southbank Brisbane. Thankyou.

Shelly Cork (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Google local) January 2020.

Did 1-1 Lightroom session (3hrs) with Tony and improved my knowledge way beyond expectation. Definitely keen for more. loved it! They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun” & it sure did! THANKS HEAPS Paul & Tony!

482margueritel (One-to-One Lightroom tuition) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) January 2020.

Great help with your photographic journey! No nonsense!

Troy Dunton (Beyond the Basics workshop)(reviewed on Google local) December 2019.

I was given a voucher for Photo Genius for my Birthday. So I booked in and went along not feeling very confident. On arrival I pleasantly surprised to find everyone else at the same level. Paul’s experience and patience was excellent and made the class very enjoyable. We learned so much. I have just completed the 2nd course witch also excellent I would still be lost if not for these courses I can not recommend Paul highly enough thank you. See you soon Kerry

K Marquis (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Facebook) October 2019.

As absolute beginner I was little apprehensive to begin with, thinking I’d be a bit “left behind” but Paul took us right from the beginning, and through his expert tuition I left feeling like I’d really achieved something, my only regret being I hadn’t done it years ago.

A Todhunter (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Google local) September 2019.

Paul was extremely friendly and helpful, would definitely recommend this course for those new to photography.

Shuan B (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) September 2019.

Paul is an excellent instructor. It was much better as it was a one to one lesson. I went to be educated about ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed and anything else extra and I got them very clearly and I learned a lot on the day. I would not hesitate to book another one to one in the near future with Paul when my schedule permit me. Thank you Paul – will practice what you have taught me.

LuvGoodThingsInLife Sydney (One-to-One tuition) July 2019

This was the second time I've travelled over 5 hours to attend a photography course with Paul. This time was a one on one session.
Paul listens to what you want to know and explains the information in easy to understand visual terms.
I got a greater understanding of how to correct stability issues effecting my photos as well as a better understanding of lenses and Lightroom…
I was then able to do some practical work with Paul on hand to offer expectations and advice..( very knowledgeable)
I will definitely be back to do the beyond beginners course.

Kim S  (One-to-One tuition)  July 2019

Paul is a great tutor and has a wide knowledge of all digital SLR cameras. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn more about digital photography and understanding SLR camera features.

Angela Martinez  (Beyond the Basics photography workshop)  July 2019

FANTASTIC!!!!!! As a beginner photographer (if I can call myself that), I found the one on one training so helpful. I learn’t so much about my camera and how it works and some basic photography understanding to be able to take better photo’s. Everyone is interested in different genres of photography and the one on one really helped me pin point as to what kind of photo’s I like to take. Completely recommend. I want to practice a little of what I have learned and then I will come back to another one on one.

Nelda Welzel  (One-to-One tuition)  July 2019.

I did the beginner’s course in June 2019 after buying my first DSLR camera , after looking around i found Photo Genius on YouTube i liked Paul’s style so i booked in . the way the day is structured and the way Paul explains everything from which camera you use to what type of photos you like to take and with such a small group you learn very quickly . I can’t wait to sign up for the next course, Thank you Paul

Haveago596 (Beginners Photography Workshop) (reviewed on Trip Advisor) June 2019.

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